Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow coming???

The weather folk tell us that we have a chance of some measurable snow heading our way for Wednesday.  The way it was described Sunday on one of the stations seemed to be hedging somewhat on its chances of getting here.  As I said a while back when the last storm was predicted, when the weather folk start warning us of big storms several days ahead of time, the more often than not do not materialize. 

At least in my little section of Maine, that was the case for that last predicted storm.  My experience from a whole lot of years of seeing snow is that the worst storms are the ones that "sneak" up on us on predictions of flurries or light snow.  How many times have such predictions brought us huge amounts of snow.

The "hedging" continued Monday morning so I guess we'll just have to wait until Wednesday to see what happens with this one.

Anyone who may have followed the construction of the Gator Clan's Christmas Village beginning last November and through its display during the holiday season may be interested to know that the Village is no more.  It has now been disassembled and packed away until next year.  Gator Wife is very happy to have her living room back again.


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