Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Maybe Snow coming may be real after all!

I've been saying for a couple days now that the weather folk are predicting snow for Wednesday.  I've also been saying that because of forecasting history, I'd wait until Wednesday to see if it does really come.  More often than not, when a lot of snow or a big storm is forecast, that "track of the storm" takes it well away from us.  I've discovered that most of our biggest storms come from those "chance of flurries or light snow" that sneaks the heavy stuff into our area.

The forecasters had been hedging, until Tuesday, which has led me to believe history could very well be repeated.

Tuesday that hedging seemed to stop.  The forecasters now say our area without the hedge will get some snow tomorrow at least along the Southern Maine coast.  Tuesday morning, the prediction was for 5 to 9 inches with those accumulation expectations up to 13 inches in York County and Southern New Hampshire..

Wednesday could be quite a day, but I'll continue to say we'll know when we know.  It'll all depend on that elusive "Track."


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