Thursday, January 20, 2011

More "Another Storm??"

Our series of winter storms and extremely cold weather continues.  Snow Wednesday night.  Snow expected Friday.  Coldest weather of the season, so far, expected over the weekend.  And GG says she doesn't want to go outside to have her picture taken.

Easiest blog I've ever written.

Edited Friday 11 AM:  Well, Gee!  The snow started to fall as we were getting up about 5 this morning.  And it has continued to fall, sometimes rather heavily, since.  I've just gotten the driveway clean enough for Gator Wife to get home in a few minutes (she has a part time job).  Today's snow is forecast to end in this part of the state about mid afternoon and then I'll do a good cleanup.

Boy, oh boy!  My Fearless Friend and Mrs. FF have been missing a whole lot of fun this week while they suffer in the warmth of their Florida home.  Sometimes, though, I wish I were there with them.


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