Friday, July 16, 2010

A sort of productive funk

Wow!  You talk about a funk rut.  Boy, am I in one.  All I've been able to mention recently is the weather and how it has sapped all my writing ambition.  I'd bet anyone reading this messages has gotten that picture, too.

And, sadly, the weather forecast Thursday night didn't offer much hope for any real change until perhaps the upcoming mid-week.  In case you haven't figured it out, I hate this heat and humidity business.

One really good thing happened.  We have a new bow window.  My old window was leaking like that proverbial sieve so Gator Wife and I decided the time had come to replace it.  We knew we had made the correct decision when the window folk took the old window out of its place.  Water poured from it.  Had we not made the decision now, we could have been in for some huge problems not too far down the road.

GW and I also have finalized our planned vacation to Branson, MO.  A year or two ago I had received a phone solicitation offering me a low priced vacation there.  I think I may have said a few not so nice words because I do not do any business I do not originate.  As a result of that post, I received an e-mail from a Branson official who simply suggested it really is a great place and I should think about visiting some time.

We did a lot of research and discovered that Branson is a fantastic place.  A fellow senior fitness gent said he and his wife had been there and would absolutely love to visit again.  He described it as a Las Vegas without the gambling. 

GW dug out her penny jar once again and by this summer had put enough in it to make the trip.  We found a site on line that explained the more than a hundred shows available and we got the number down to what we had for a budget and have made reservations.  We are looking forward to that upcoming trip later this year.

I guess we can say that in spite of my funk the last several days we have had some good and productive moments.  In reality, as my Fearless Friend would say, "Life is good."

And now another weekend is upon us.  Perhaps we can break out of the rut.  In any case, I sure do wish you a happy, fun-filled July weekend.


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