Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I don't like heat!

We've been through a rather uncomfortable weather period here on Gator Land.  In fact, much of this part of Maine has had the same experience.  Heat and Humidity.

I'm not personally constructed to handle that combination and have found the past few days to be just awful.  Technically, I guess, officially we have not had a heat wave.  According to Kevin Mannix on WCSH6 TV, we must go through three successive days of 90 degrees or higher temperatures.  Our region, according to the "official" temperature site, hasn't.  I don't know just where that official site is, but I suspect it's the Jetport.

However, UNofficially, the Gator Place has been in a big heat wave.  We hit 90, actually the mid 90s, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  Perhaps the weather people would say we don't qualify, but my mind and readings sure do contradict "official."

Even worse, the humidity has made life extremely uncomfortable, especially if one needs to go outside.  Fortunately for the Gators, Dude and Wife, we had central air conditioning installed back in the mid 1990s.  So our little place has been air conditioned.  That doesn't help, though, when we have to go outside for necessary tasks.

Tuesday did its part for an official heat wave.  Portland had a record 95 degrees which broke the old record by four degrees.

Joe Cupo, the chief meteorologist at WCSH6 said Tuesday evening that we are in for more oppressive temperatures right into the weekend.  He was forecasting 80s and low 90s continuing, so perhaps we'll get that heat wave after all, although not everyone will hit the 90s.  I think I might be among those who hope my area is among those "not everyone" places.  And it could be; the lower temperatures were for areas along the coast.

But, the humidity will continue through the period, so the Gators probably won't be doing much.

I did have one accomplishment Tuesday, however.  In spite of the weather I went to my senior fitness session and completed some workout situations.  I did cut some of the activity back as my age dictated that I not overdo in the heat.

It'll be personally interesting to see what Thursday's session will bring.
What does that leave the old Gator to do this week?  Simple.  Be lazy.  And I'm succeeding.  Therefore, I don't have anything to offer you today to stimulate your thoughts.  Stay cool.  This weather is supposed to break over the weekend.


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