Monday, July 19, 2010

A President Visited

The weekend wasn't much better than all last week.  The temperatures were right up there, but we didn't have the humidity.  When I heard WCSH meteorologist Kelley LeBrecque say that humidity would return Monday, I wanted to throw Gator Golden's squeaky toy at the TV.

Perhaps one good thing was the forecast of possible showers which could, in my humble wishing, wash the humidity away.  She did hint that perhaps mid week would be nicer.

At least after two weeks Gator Wife and I found a couple of hours of pleasant sea breeze so our lawn finally got mowed.  The sad part of it was, 90 percent of the yard didn't need to be mowed.  But we did it all to keep it even.  I guess even things that grow don't like the heat any more than I.

We have been enjoying freshly picked string beans and more will be on our plates tonight.

Those of you who like to see pictures of GG on here perhaps are wondering where they've gone.  GG is a long-haired Golden Retriever and she doesn't like the weather we've been having any more than the Old Gator Dude.  We'll get back to pictures when she starts moving again.

Maine had a prominent visitor this past weekend.  The President of the United States and his family spent the weekend in Bar Harbor.  I didn't drive there in hopes of seeing him.  I also suspect anyone who reads this space knows exactly my opinions of his leadership.  Nevertheless, Barack Obama is the President of the United States and I'm happy for those who did get to see him.  I honor the Office and if he were to visit the Greater Portland area, I'm sure I'd try to get a glimpse.

How'm I doing on not bringing up politics this summer?  I hope you don't consider the above a political comment.  If I were, I might ask a question:  How many initiatives have been passed in Washington that were "not perfect but a start for later improvement" and actually been improved?  Hmmmm?  I think I just made up that opening contraction.

I think I feel a little sorry for that organization that accepts clothing and other things for resale to get money to help people in need.  It seems like it has been forever trying to sell that "little black dress" it thinks everyone wants.  Apparently not.


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