Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not much has changed as the humidity continues.

Not much has changed in the Old Gator Place.  We awoke Wednesday to more of that humidity that has plagued us for too many days.  One small difference, some heavy rain passed through the area.  We needed the rain, but it didn't wash out the humidity.

We almost had a new bow window installed Tuesday.  I say "almost" because it wasn't a one day project.  We had one that leaked rather badly at times so it will be nice not having to wipe water away during each rain storm.  We needed the replacement.  A replacement window by a differenent company a fews years ago had water pouring out of the "sealed" unit as the crew removed it Tuesday.

The new one also looks just super compared to what we had.  The crew had to return to complete some finish trim.

Tuesday also was Gator Wife's birthday.  She now is over 21.  Of course she's been over 21 for more than 21 years.  We have a tradition in our family that the birthday person gets to choose a restaurant for a celebration meal.  I think we all have settled in on a local (national chain) steak house.  Because of the construction, she rescheduled her meal to Wednesday.

That's about it for this period of time.  I would love to see this horrible warmth and humidity find another place to torture.


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