Saturday, September 26, 2009

September's final weekend

The weather people indicate that Saturday would be the better of the two weekend days this weekend. We’ll also see some cool temperatures. They started Friday when the temperature remained mostly in the low sixties. It was also quite windy.

A goodly portion of the state had the killing frost which puts an end to the growing season in those areas. Although the temperatures around the Gator place were in the middle thirties, we did not get the killing frost. That didn’t surprise me as we rarely get that frost this early and usually are behind the rest of the state.

Rain or showers are expected Sunday so Gator Daughter and her dog have plans to stay home for the day. Saturday will be a day for a little light helping work around the Gator homestead as she and her pup will be here for most of the afternoon, beginning with lunch, of course.

So once again we’ll have a light weekend with not too much activity. I hope you enjoy your couple of days. I’ll enjoy mine; after all, a flu-riddled Florida Gators football game against Kentucky will be shown. And that trumps the Sox-Yankees in the Gator TV room.


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