Saturday, September 12, 2009

Another weekend is here

I have had an “interesting” week, but here it is the weekend once again and it seems as if my life has returned to its normalcy, but I’m really not sure just what normal is.

I don’t usually mention political type stuff on weekends, but this weekend I have to digress from my regular family weekend stuff. The Maine Republican Party and the “still fed up with taxes” campaign submitted petitions containing at least 60-thousand signatures to the Secretary of State’s office in Augusta Friday.

Just over 55-thousand certified signatures are needed to force a referendum next June repealing the massive tax shift enacted by the last Legislature. The so-called tax reform reduced the top bracket on income tax rates from 8.5% to 6.5% but also eliminated all personal deductions, such as mortgage interest, local property taxes, and medical expenses. In their place, a graduated tax credit was instituted.

At the same time, legislators added numerous items to the sales tax. I think the sales tax portion of the law would have taken effect next week although the income tax part wouldn’t begin until next January if those petitions hadn’t been turned in. Now the Secretary of State’s office will verify the signatures and, if there are more than the 55-thousand plus needed, the law will be suspended pending voter action next June.

This is one time I’m glad to admit I was wrong. When the campaign started, I wrote here that I didn’t think the organizers could gather sufficient signatures to force the voter action. I am happy I was wrong as I have also mentioned here many times I thought the “tax reform” was really a “tax increase” and the combination of the changes would result in most of us paying a lot more taxes. As I said I would back then, I did sign a petition as did both my wife and daughter.

I congratulate the Republican Party, its chairman Charles Webster, State Sen. David Trahan of the still fed up with taxes group, Jack Wibby of the Maine Taxpayers Union, Steven Sharf of Portland, and all others who worked tirelessly to bring success, pending final certification, of this signature drive. Included are members of the Maine Republican Project, a separate group.

And, now as they say, back to a normal weekend post.

Gator Wife and Daughter go out to eat once a week, normally Wednesday. That was put off until Thursday this time and GW wasn’t feeling too well when she got home. By the middle of the night, she was really sick and sleep ended for her. She believes she had some food poisoning, and it really caused the type of dual sickness that usually results from it.

She did head off for her part time job Friday morning, but by mid-morning she was home and slept in her comfy chair with the noise of the TV helping her sleep for most of the rest of the day. After going to bed early Friday night, she felt a whole lot better Saturday morning, but Gator Daughter said she wouldn’t come over here as she does most Saturdays so that her mother can rest. Of course rain and showers would also keep her home.

Sunday is supposed to be the better of the two days anyway, but a decision on a visit probably won’t be made until then.

Meanwhile, I’m having an absolute blast converting some very old slide and negatives into digital pictures with a new scanner I bought during the week. I think the memories those pictures, some of which date back to the early 1940s, and especially the ones of our family together beginning back in 1961, are bringing forth are absolutely priceless. I’ll be continuing my project during the coming week.

I hope you and your family have a great week. The Old Bod willing, I’ll be back Monday.


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