Friday, September 11, 2009

A chair is fixed; soreness goes away

Hi, there. I’ve sort of taken most of this week off. The sore hip/back problem I’ve mentioned the last few days seems to have been successfully resolved so I thought it might be nice to check in with you.

I have a “lift” chair; i.e., a chair that assists me when I need to sit or rise. Late last week, it stopped working. It was locked in a sort of half way place. I could get in and out of it, but when I was sitting in it, apparently a lot of unusual pressure was being placed in my hip and back. They began to hurt.

I’ve mentioned to you in the past that my right hip was crushed a few years ago and put back together with some steel and a bunch of screws. I’ve always referred to it as my hip, but in fact the actual hip joint itself was not broken which is why I don’t simply have a replacement. The crush came a couple inches away from the joint.

The back part of the pain comes from fusion of the lower vertebrae, a fusion that continues to expand.

So, between then, if I’m sitting in an unusual position, I feel both. That has been the case for the last few days.

The good mechanic from the chair store had to send for a replacement part, but as soon as it arrived, he was here and fixed the chair. It now works properly. Within a half hour of the part replacement, those sore places began to ease. By yesterday, about all the pain I was feeling is what I consider normal pain associated with the conditions themselves.

I did attend both my scheduled senior fitness sessions this week. Tuesday’s session was an adventure, but yesterday’s was almost back to normal.

That incredibly sore hip/back about which I complained this week has rewarded my patience and has allowed me to return to normal…whatever that is.

Thinking she's been all but ignored while the soreness
healed, Gator Golden found something else
to use for comfort as she took her nap.

I did get a new toy this week. In our flood several weeks ago, my slide projector, which I hadn’t used for too many years, was lost to wetness. Gator Wife and I have boxes and boxes of slides that date all the way back to our Day One together. (That first I-think-it-was-an Instamatic camera I had really didn’t take very good slides. I’ll blame the camera; it certainly couldn’t have been the photographer.)

This week I got a picture/slide/negative scanner to change all our old stuff to digital. I can’t believe how well nearly 50 year old slides and pictures are coming out. Gator Wife even had some slides that dated back to her very young childhood (I didn’t know that had slides that long ago!) and those 50-70 year old slides are magnificent.

The digitalizing will take many months, I fear, but I’m having a thoroughly wonderful time processing those memory makers.

I’m not even tempted to do any ranting today on the week’s events. I probably could add nothing new to anything I’ve previously written anyway. So if you are visiting looking for one, this is as close to a rant you’ll get from me today.



Anonymous said...

Glad to know that you are feeling better. Missed reading your take on life this week. Good luck with a huge collection of slides being put onto discs. Hope that your interest in this project lasts longer than that of FF. He still has a long way to go before completing that project.
GG looks quite content, must be her happy home life.

GiM said...

Thank you, Mrs. FF. Nearly 50 years of collection is a lot of pictures. I suspect I'll be taking a break from it, too. But they sure do bring back memories duing this process. GG is just a plain happy pup.