Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just a Tuesday ramble

Enjoy today. The weather folk tell us tomorrow we’ll see a change to much cooler weather. But then the charts seem to indicate we’ll be back into the 70s over the weekend. This is the kind of weather that brings about colds and the flu. Sometimes we’ll venture outside dressed too warmly and sometimes, not warmly enough.

The body gets confused so it gives us that little cold/flu hint to slow down and take it easy. That’s a rather tough chore for someone like me. I think I’m slow and easy most all of the time.

Yesterday did result in a success. I had mentioned I might get a little personal with my lawn. I did. I must say it looks a whole lot nicer when it’s even. Perhaps that cooler weather coming in, especially the nighttime lows, might slow the growing season down a little bit. Of course it’ll take a frost to end that season for the year.

I hope to have a success today, too. This is one of the two days each week I get to work the kinks out of the various parts of my body. I don't know why I look forward to my senior fitness session each week, but I do. I think today is going to be a good one.

I’ve been mentioning that I’m converting some old slides into digital pictures with a super new device I bought. As I was watching the weather last evening, I learned that the official summer has another week to go. Fall arrives next week. Can winter be far behind? How many of you were around during the winter on 1967. Here’s what our house in Portland looked like:

I didn’t hear enough of the segment to really comment on it, but it was a segment that makes me want to learn more. Talk show host Glen Beck on WGAN Radio was telling about the latest health care reform bill being floated in Washington. He was talking about one provision of the bill which literally gets unions, specifically the SEIU, the union that represents most public employees, out of paying, if I understood the brief comment, for health insurance.

He cited the specific section of the bill to support his statement. I think it was section 167, or perhaps 137, or perhaps one near one of those. I’ve got to learn a lot more about that bill before I can be specific. But my appetite got whetted.

Beck was also going off on the corruption he says permeates Washington. He also mentioned corruption in New Orleans, Chicago, and New York. I wish I hadn’t been on an errand at the time and could have heard his whole segment. It did get me to wonder if even a tiny portion of what he said is true, why isn’t the news media investigating it?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know the truth about the number of marchers in the Washington D.C. Tea Party over the weekend? I’ve heard from the mainstream news that the event drew anywhere from 10- to 50-thousand people. I’ve heard from other sources that the number was closer to two million. I’d guess it was somewhere in between, but again, where’s the honesty of reporting by the press?

I won’t limit my question to the doings in Washington. Where is the news media honestly doing that which we were taught in my generation that a function of the press was to dig out political stuff in state and local locales as well as the federal government? And the local news organizations wonder why they’re losing readers/viewers.


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