Friday, September 5, 2008

That pesky inspection sticker!

This week has just flown by here in Gatorland. I guess when one keeps busy, the time really passes very quickly. And we’ve been busy this week. A goodly portion of Tuesday and Wednesday was devoted to a painting project. We didn’t paint yesterday, but there was a lot of activity as Gator wife took her car for an inspection sticker. She knew when she headed out she probably needed new tires. After all, the ones on the eight year old car were original equipment. And she drives on Maine roads.

She was right. But she wasn’t prepared for the rest of the eleven hundred dollar estimate. She asked just what was needed to get the sticker. Only the tires. But, the order writer at this new-to-us place she took the car tried desperately to convince her she should have it all done. She told the company to put the tires and sticker on the car and she’d consider the rest at a later day. She didn’t make the company happy. They didn’t beat a near 70-year-old woman down.

A few minutes later, the tire guy came to her and told her they didn’t have the tires but they had sent for them. She waited. She said other customers came, had their service, and left. She waited. Then she was told they could take care of the rest of the work while they waited for the tires. I wasn’t there as I had left for my Senior Fitness class as she left home with her car, so I didn’t hear exactly what she said to the service guy.

A moment or two later, the tires appeared. More than four hours after she arrived for her inspection sticker, she drove away. The project should have taken about 20 minutes, or maybe an hour and a half with the tires. That’s a generous estimate. She’s not considering that other work. She says she’ll find another place before she even considers returning to that place.

She’s off to her part time job today. My Fearless Friend will be here for a while this morning before he heads out with former office buddies for some good, Maine ‘chowdah.’ We’ll get most of the world problems solved and probably spend a moment or two talking about John McCain and Sarah Palin. There are a couple of computer situations we each have that will probably be mentioned, also.

Speaking of John McCain, I did not watch last night’s closing events of the Republican National Convention. After staying up late for Gov. Palin’s speech Wednesday, this old body simply wouldn’t let me repeat. Since I didn’t see the speech and will spend some time today reading about it, I can’t say too much. There’s always next week. And the next eight weeks. But the reviews generally say it was a good speech and was favorably received by the conventioneers. On the other hand, the Democrats are saying it offered no solutions. They shouldn’t complain about that if it is true. Neither have they offered any.

The weather people say today will see the end of our wonderful weather. We’ll have nice weather today with pleasant temperatures, unlike the record setting 88 we had yesterday. But we could be in for some fun weather this weekend. Showers will begin either tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon, perhaps tomorrow evening. I don’t read those “computer models” but that very specific forecast is what I heard this morning.

The real rain resulting from the remnants of Hannah passing by offshore should begin late tomorrow night and continue into Sunday morning. It could be windy, too. But I guess it all depends on which one of those “models” pass by. In any case, I’ll have later information on my weekend post tomorrow.

If we miss each other tomorrow, I hope you have a safe and dry weekend.


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