Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just another simple weekend!

I have nothing to say. The weekend has arrived and the weather is now and will be just about all weekend so dismal that there’s precious little we can do here in my little piece of the world. Saturday morning broke with a little lull in the weather, but the weather folk on TV say Saturday afternoon will bring another inch or so. It’s early Saturday morning as I write this and about two and a quarter inches of rain has entered my little weather station rain gauge. Between the rest of Saturday and the passing of Kyle on Sunday we might get another couple of inches.

Nothing was going to happen in our yard this weekend, not because of the weather but because my gals finished it all up last weekend. There was a chance I’d ride around the lawn, but that trip isn’t critical this weekend and the weather has canceled any chance of it happening. We won’t be seeing our daughter and her dog this weekend. The girl doesn’t like to have the two dogs romping around in the wet and then romping around in the house getting the inside wet. We don’t blame her for her decision, but we do miss her coming.

Sports will not include baseball this weekend. Oh, there’ll be games on but it appears the Red Sox conceded first place in the American League East to Tampa Bay last night. It was inevitable this season, anyway. The Sox had to win all three games against the Yankees and the Rays had to lose all three games against Detroit this weekend. If the Sox won both remaining games and the Rays lost theirs now, the Rays still would win the division on the basis of season records against each other. The Sox will be facing the Los Angeles Angels in the first round of the playoffs next week in Los Angeles.

There will be sports to watch on TV beside baseball. Saturday is college football day and there’ll be several games from which to choose. Unfortunately, the Gators won’t be one of them. The football changes to the pros Sunday as the NFL takes to the air. This is a bye week for the Patriots, but there will be games to see. And there’ll be auto racing both days. So sports fans will have stuff to watch this weekend.

I didn’t watch the debate between John McCain and Barack Obama Friday night. A couple of polls I checked Saturday morning were divided. One had McCain winning big; the other, Obama. About all that shows is that pollsters can get the results they want according to their own persuasion. Knocks the devil out of the reliability of political polls.

I hope you will have a safe and dry weekend and get accomplished that which you must. We’ll be back Monday.


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