Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I hate those third party ads!

The Holiday Weekend is over. Our weather, however, belies the end of summer. We’re having great weather. I guess that’s one of the reasons that Maine’s summer season and the astrological summer season aren’t the same. The real summer ends in another three weeks or so.

The early morning hasn’t changed for me. After the normal activities I ventured over to the physical therapy place for my usual Tuesday Senior Fitness session. It went as well as expected with a couple of minor glitches. The athletic trainer who also serves as the trainer for one of So. Maine schools, was there early, so we started early. That simply means I got home early. And now I am home to spend the day with my wife.

My first task was to create a good, old-fashioned breakfast, something I haven’t done for quite a while. I wrote “was” but “is” would have been more appropriate. I’ll do the creation as soon as I post this. Meanwhile, GW is prepping her bathroom for painting. She has decided that enough time has passed since the last time we did it and so she’s getting it ready. It gets crowded in that room with two of us in there so she has volunteered to do the work. She’s a great person.

It’ll be kind of hard commenting on the Republican Convention this week even though it officially began yesterday. The Republicans have done the right thing in making massive changes in their plans because of Hurricane Gustav down South. It had to start in order for the nomination of the Republican candidates for President and Vice President be completed as prescribed by law. If they aren’t, then they won’t be on ballots. I’d guess the Republicans will try to salvage as much as they can.

The top spot nominee, of course, will be Sen. John McCain. He made a remarkable choice in a Vice Presidential candidate as he named Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. She’s a conservative. The Democrats have spent a goodly part of the weekend looking for “dirt” and even stretching somewhat to prove she isn’t qualified. They cite the lack of experience. Of course she has more experience than the Democrat presidential candidate, but that doesn’t matter.

They did uncover some stuff they are trying to turn against her and challenge her conservative views. It has been revealed that was pregnant when she got married 20 years ago. She’s still married to the father of her children. Just yesterday, Gov. Palin revealed her 17-year-old daughter is now pregnant and that’s she’s going to keep the child and marry its father. The opposition will try to find some way to belittle the governor. Since both candidates have asked that the children be left out of the campaign, I’ll attempt to refrain from discussing the daughter from here on.

Was it just a couple of weeks ago that Tom Allen decried third party attack ads and demanded that his opponent, Susan Collins, denounce those ads against him? I haven’t heard him denounce the third party attack ads now being aired against her. He’s reverting to tactics he first used in an earlier campaign. The simple fact is that neither candidate can control what outsiders advertise. I do hate those third party ads, though.

I’m not going back through all my previous posts to find it, but I’ve already mentioned the ads against Allen in that I was getting very weary of them. They were/are about unions demanding a new law eliminating secret ballots to form a union be passed in Congress. They wore very thin very fast, but at least they were professionally produced. The ads attacking Sen. Collins’ position on the Iraq War are not only lies, but they are also very crudely produced. I was sick of that ad the first time I saw it. The ads’ producers even forget to have the guy’s mouth moving when he talks. There’s a second series, too, and it is of the same quality as the first.

I can safely say neither ad has convinced me on either issue. And speaking of ads that leave me absolutely cold, there is another third party one urging me to call Sen. Collins and tell her something about some issue. Those “call . . . and tell them . . .” are among the dullest, most ineffective ads I ever see. I had to use the ellipses because I can’t even remember what they are for. Even Jack Dimbulb on the local college ads is more interesting. In fact, all the third party ineffective ads call for me to call someone about something. T’ain’t gonna happen!

You’ll get tired of my mentioning the Gators before the year is over, but they won the opening game 56-10 over Hawaii. Next up will be Saturday night against the University of Miami (FL) in a game televised on ESPN2 from the Swamp (Florida Field).

I think I’m getting an evil eye to get breakfast underway. I had a great weekend and I hope you did as well.


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