Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another weekend is upon us!

I’ve mentioned in past posts just how fast I’m finding the weeks pass, but I think the one just ending was among the fastest. Perhaps it was the visit with the hygienist at the dentist’s office that broke up the week to help it move as quickly as it did. But sometimes I’m not sure childhood when time just crawls along may have been better. No, as I think about what a wonderful life I’ve had, with just a few potholes in the road, I’m pretty happy where I am. But this is a weekend, so we’ll forego the politics and heavy stuff.

I’ve heard on the television weather reports that the growing season has ended in some parts of the state. Places in the southern half of Maine will continue to allow some growth, but those areas probably will dwindle as the next several days pass. We have ended all vegetable garden activities at our home. Gator Daughter will be over Sunday to help her mother end the work in the flower gardens for the season.

They already did the weeding and mulching in most of the gardens. The one major one remaining is where they have lots of bulbs that need their annual shot of bulb booster, then they’ll mulch and that should do it. Oh, a whole lot of new bulbs arrived last week and they’ll need planting, too. They had planned on doing it last weekend, but the weather caused the postponement to this week.

The weekend started with a Saturday morning visit to the hazardous waste disposal center. This is our one opportunity to rid the household of some stuff that could cause some trouble. This was the one time of the year when we can dispose of such things as non-latex paint, various kinds of oil, pesticides, fluorescent bulbs, and most other household hazard waste material. The best part is it’s free. I understand from others that similar disposal activities are happening in many communities this weekend.

GD was here to help me in the morning. She went home when we finish to return later in the afternoon for a cookout. Gator Wife went to her part time work place this morning. I’ve mentioned in the past she has a particular talent her bosses like and so when the company gets special orders that utilize that talent, they ask her to oblige. Once the job was accomplished, she came home.

Can you believe this summer is just about history? Fall, or as some prefer autumn, begins next week. With the arrival of autumn can the foliage season be far behind? GW and I haven’t taken a leaf-peeping trip for several years. This year, however, we’ve decided to include a ride through western Maine and possibly into New Hampshire in our plans since we didn’t take a summer vacation trip this year. A one day trip can’t replace our former annual long trips, but we’ll enjoy seeing the sights that are created this time of year.

I’ll be glad the girls’ plans have planned outside work this weekend. That lets me get to enjoy college football Saturday and NFL Sunday. And Saturday’s highlight will be a team called the Gators on CBS. That’s a name that’s very familiar to me. I hope you enjoy your weekend and we’ll be back Monday.


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Sheepish Annie said...

I, for one, am shocked at how quickly we went from warm, sunny days to chilly Fall nights! It's been freezing here. Good thing I invested in an Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty last June. The extra feline layer of warmth at night has been much appreciated!

Enjoy the leaf-peeping trip. My morning trips south every day into NH are starting to look a bit more colorful!