Saturday, September 6, 2008

The makings of a wild, wet weekend

We’re told this could be a wild and wooly weekend in Maine and along the East Coast, for that matter. Tropical storm Hannah is on the fast track heading in this direction. The weather forecast says that we could have some shower activity just about any time during the day on Saturday, but the heavy stuff, two to four inches of rain along with some rather strong winds, will not hit here until late Saturday evening. By midday Sunday our little section of Maine should have seen it pass and the sun could be shining.

The weather person on Channel 6 Saturday morning said the morning portion of the activity could leave about an inch or so in Southern Maine. On the other hand, the Weather Channel indicated only light rain would pass by through tomorrow with an inch of rain. The Ch. 6 person, Kelly LaBrecque, has been pretty accurate, so for this weekend I’ll go along with what she says.

The actual track of the storm has it off the Maine coast but coastal sections will get the rain and wind while inland sections might never leave the sun. One forecast called for 2-4 inches in the storm area, but as much as five inches might drench the immediate coast in places. One forecast said Friday that culverts and open drains along the roadways could rise considerably and cause some minor flooding and Saturday morning a flash flood watch had been posted.

That will make the little canal, actually a drainage ditch between my house and my neighbor’s overflow once again. You may recall earlier this year I had some pictures to show the flood between us. Monday might be an opportunity to see some more.

There is a possibility we’ll see a little sun by mid to late Sunday as Hannah is a quick mover and could be out of here by then.

Meanwhile, Gator Daughter and her dog are on a “let’s see what happens” mode as whether or not they come one or both days will be decided each day. We have nothing really urgent planned so the “play it by ear” decision will only change lunch plans. We’ll be ready for any decision. With the morning forecast as it is, we might be surprised if the family comes Saturday.

I am working on a computer project or two. I’ve installed Google’s new browser Chrome and learning it. Actually it is rather simple, but its speed gets a Wow! as it loads site pages. There is a small learning curve, but once one gets by that initial look, that curve gets smaller and smaller. It has some neat features I like, such as an “incognito” mode which blocks sites from following your web activity. I don’t visit places that are objectionable, but most all commercial sites do like to follow visitors so they can get addresses to send advertisements, etc. My first impression of Chrome is rather favorable.

I’m also cleaning very old, unused files, in fact some that go with long gone computers, to make room for some new backups on my external hard drive. I found a bunch of files I couldn’t even open to make sure I didn’t want them because they were attached to programs that I no longer even have. Well, I do have the original disks but I’ll be darned if I’m going to put a program on a computer just to see if files dated 2001 and not opened since are something I might want.

So as we watch Hannah pass and keep an eye on the next storm, Hurricane Ike which has a current course that probably will keep far away from New England, it looks like this will be a rather quiet, easy, lazy weekend. I’ll add that by 7:15 Saturday morning, the rains had already begun on the South Side of Route 1. Edited 9:15 Sat. AM: The weather radar shows a monstrous slug of rain has passed Southern Maine but it stayed way off the coast. That same radar hints a quiet spell is approaching. Edited again, 3:15 PM Sat.: It has been a relatively quiet day here. We even had some sun, but that's now gone and a fairly good slug of rain is heading this way, but the track on the Accuweather Radar hints it won't be too bad here. But we did miss the day portion of the forecast big storm.

Final add for Saturday, 9 PM: We've been in the storm for a while now, but the latest radar indicates that it might be close to being about over for our area.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay dry and safe; and we’ll see you again Monday.


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