Saturday, August 23, 2008

Westbrook Babe Ruth team should hold heads high!

We like weekends. We especially like nice, sunny, pleasant ones. And this one appears to meet all the criteria. There is a possibility of some fog greeting us Sunday morning and some thunder shower activity Sunday night, but generally we’ll have a great weekend.

Daughter Gator and her dog will be spending a goodly portion with us. The main activity will be to do some power washing. The back deck and the back of the house to which it’s attached desperately need a bath. Other than that, I think it’s primarily a weekend to work at not gaining any weight. Their company, though, is a most welcome time.

The Westbrook 13-15 Babe Ruth tournament team didn’t quite achieve its goal Friday night as they ran into a powerful team from Torrance, CA, in the championship game. But the Westbrook boys have nothing to be ashamed of. They were the champions of Maine and the Champions of New England. They went to the World Series with high hopes and came back after losing three games in the pool play to get to the championship game. I believe I read that Westbrook was the first team ever to come from three losses in the pool rounds to gain that championship final. Everyone in Maine and New England should be proud of the Boys from Westbrook and the boys themselves should be proud that they represented their city extremely well.

Speaking of youth sports, the Little League World Series also concludes this weekend. Neither Maine nor New England has a representative in the final games in Williamsport, PA. The American and International championship games are scheduled for Saturday afternoon and those winners meet Sunday for the World Championship.

Also in sports this weekend, the Olympic Games will have closing ceremony Sunday. I guess it’s been a couple of exciting weeks although I haven’t watched too much of it. To say I haven’t turned it on at all would not be accurate, but I’d bet without actually calculating the minutes that Wife Gator and I haven’t seen more than an hour or 90 minutes at the most. And that includes the times the TV remained on while we were doing things elsewhere in the house.

WG and I are not cell phone users. We both have one but we only have them for emergencies. No kidding, we haven’t used more than 12 minutes in any one month since we got them right after my Triple A and heart attack seven years ago. We got them in case I was away from the house and needed emergency medical help. I do not have a camera phone and really want one for two reasons.

I occasionally watch Judge Judy or People’s Court on TV. Whenever anyone brings a case to them involving an accident or injury, the judges like pictures. I think it was Judge Judy who suggested that with today’s phones, which she said almost everyone in the world now has, there’s no excuse for not having a picture. So I’d like a camera phone so that if I’m in an accident or something, I can get a photo record of it. Maybe, just maybe, I can make it to one of those judge shows on TV.

The other reason is for this venture. I think it would be great to be able to dot these posts occasionally with a picture. Yes, I have in the past, but only when I’ve been home and take a picture of something directly related to my home. I’d like an opportunity when I unexpectedly come across something. Sure, I could take my cheap camera around with me, but I don’t remember it now; and I don’t want to have to think of two things. Besides, by phone is always in my car.

I mention the camera phone because I’ve been looking into getting one for a little over a week. I’ve stopped because the companies want me to increase my plan minutes which I don’t need to do. Shucks, I haven’t use a total of 700 minutes since I first got a cell phone. My Fearless Friend was here Friday and he came up with a great suggestion: get a pre-paid plan. He pointed out even with two of them I’d save a bundle of money over the course of a year. Now that’s an idea worth looking into.

This is a weekend and I trust you’ve noticed I’ve avoided commenting on my political opinions or government opinions. With Obama picking Joe Biden as a running mate, that avoidance was tough. I hope you’ll forgive me for this one little political reference and have yourself a remarkably great weekend. This season is winding down. See you Monday!


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