Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not a lot of excitement today!

It’s a Wednesday. Now that should tell you something. In case you missed it, I’m searching for a topic for today. I’m nowhere near one. I’ve mentioned the weather so much that it has become too much lately. You know most of how I feel about various political topics. You know I’m not happy with the Democrat controlled State Legislature or Democrat controlled do-nothing Congress. I hope you realize I’m not particularly happy with our President, either.

Wife Gator has gone to her three-day-a-week part time job so Dog and I are, as usual on Wednesdays, left alone to fend for ourselves. Dog has already taken up her perch on the breezeway where she can watch the world pass by. And since we have only one neighbor we can see and our house is quite a distance from the street and any passing cars, it’s a mighty small world for Dog to monitor.

Dog has three major sources of excitement. First there’s the occasional squirrel. As soon as she spots one, she’ll come racing to the front door to be let out. All the “visitors” in our yard know exactly the boundary the dog has because of the Invisible fence. When Dog is in, the other animals, including a homeless cat which generally stays a long way outside the zone, will pass the yard easily. But as soon as Dog gets outside, there’s a mad dash for the Fence line and then they just sit on the other side and dare Dog to try to get them.

Dog always lets us know when a people visitor comes into our yard or our neighbor’s yard. She races around barking her warnings. But then when people get out of their vehicles, she runs to them with a huge smile on her face. A dog’s smile very closely resembles a vicious snarl. Once most people recognize her as a Golden Retriever, they ease back and just laugh. Goldens are known for their friendliness and many of them do smile. So Dog races up to visitors and pees her welcome. She’s particularly fond of my Fearless Friend’s shoes.

I do have a couple of errands to do if the mood strikes. I have a couple of wires from components of my weather station that have been blowing in the breeze for a while. When the roofer was here a few weeks back, he was kind enough to move my wind thingy from the back deck to the roof, where it belongs. It works beautifully up there, but now I have to secure the wire that connects it to the transmitter. That’s not a hard task, but I have to make a trip to the hardware place to get a couple of sticky anchors to put on the siding to hold that wire.

The rain gauge remains on a rail on the deck. I began to secure its wire along the rail with wire staples, but ran out so a box of them is also on the shopping list. As I said, no big deal for either part of that project except I’ve got to get the ambition to make the trip.

My six year old cell phone is just a little bit behind the technological times. About all it does is allow me to talk. I rarely use it and got a cell phone back when I had my heart “event.” Have you ever noticed that the medical profession and people who’ve had a heart attack refer to it as an “event” as if that makes it O.K.? I guess it sounds more politically correct. I got the cell phone so I could have instant communication if another emergency came along while away from home.

I’m amazed at how much I’ve used it since I got it and how important it is to my life. I think I’ve averaged about a minute and a half a month. The exception to that was when Wife Gator and I have taken our national trips. We could use the phone to keep in touch with our daughter without extra charges. I do not need a plan with rollover minutes.

My old phone predates camera phones and I think I want one. I’m not sure what I’d do with it, but I’m eligible for a free phone upgrade so I’ve been doing some research into a camera phone. I’ve picked three or four from a list on the provider’s internet site but want to see them in person before I narrow it down to one. So, if I end up doing the hardware errand today, I’ll stop by the phone store and look them over. If indeed the free upgrade is free, I may end up with a new camera phone.

See? I wasn’t lying in the beginning. This is just one of those days. And I hope yours is a great one.


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