Thursday, August 21, 2008

Can new vacuum suck up change?

Can we handle this weather? Wow! And the forecast calls for a little shower activity late Sunday, but generally speaking the days between now and mid next week should be rather nice. I especially like the cool nights we’ve had the last couple of days. They sure do add to the sleeping ability.

I’ll be patiently waiting this morning for the sun to get my long grass dried. Probably by late morning I’ll be outside riding around the yard on my mower. After the long spell between late June and early August when mowing even once a week was almost a challenge, my lawn has joined me in loving this weather we’re having now. I almost easily could mow twice a week, or at least twice every ten days or so. It was a week ago today that I last mowed and by Tuesday it “almost” needed it again as the grass was up just a bit. This morning it looks like a field out there.

We have a new vacuum cleaner. We ran into a little snag with the one we bought a week and a half ago. Apparently someone had taken a floor model and packaged it in the wrong box. We had bought a new Dyson that was configured to handle pet hair. But it turned out we didn’t get that one but rather a less expensive one. The one we wanted finally arrived yesterday.

We tried it out last night and put it through a test, first vacuuming a rug with our old machine and then doing the same area with the new one. I think the old machine was simply moving dirt around because the new one very quickly filled up with Gator Dog’s hair and other normal “rug stuff.” Neither of us could believe the difference.

This morning Wife Gator is challenging the other rugs in the house to keep their dirt against this new powerhouse. They’re losing the challenge. She just did a runner that goes beside her bed and brought the dirt canister out for me to see. It was full. The old machine barely showed anything after we did that same rug in the past. She’s not doing the test this morning, just trying to find some clean rugs.

That Dyson, especially the model that is designed to pick up animal hair, is an expensive machine, but after only a very short time and use we’re already thinking it was worth every penny. WG suggested that if we vacuum just a little more often for a few days, we should have the rugs mighty clean.

Change. Democrat presumptive Presidential nominee Barack Obama says we need change in America. Before the general elections two years ago, the Democrats were saying that change was needed then, too. And the voters gave them that change and elected them to be the majority party in both the House and Senate.

I received one of those e-mail messages that get passed around the other day. I’m sure you probably got it too, but it does raise some interesting questions. Naturally, these letters rarely come with a source to cite for the statistics, but they are interesting to read. Keep in mind the laws and money issues are in the hands of Congress. The Democrats love to bash President Bush so they can attempt to avoid taking any credit for today.

That e-mail pointed out some fascinating facts, but again the source cannot be verified. For example, do you remember how much you were paying for gasoline two years ago before the Democrats took control of Congress? How much are you paying today? I passed a gas station this morning advertising $3.66/gal. Not too long ago, the price was well over $4.15. Two years ago, gas was under $2.20/gal.

Do you remember what your home was worth just two years ago? What’s it worth today? There has been a 10% increase in unemployment in since we got our last “change” two years ago. And the Dow Jones has plummeted in the same time period. Two years ago we were travelling all over America and worldwide. Many people today are foregoing travel to save money for the winter heating bills.

But let’s bash President Bush and the Republicans. The Democrats have been telling us for almost eight years, probably a lot longer than that, how evil and crooked the leaders were. There’s a saying about repeating a story long enough and often enough people begin to believe it. The Democrats did just that and got the change they said we needed.

We’ll offer some thoughts on this and related topics as we move toward that eventful November election. In the meantime, next week’s Democrat convention has the earmarks of being a fun time. The Clintons have a movie to show Tuesday, Hillary will give a major address Wednesday, and Bill will control the talk Thursday. I wonder where Obama fits in. Oh, and Hillary’s name will be placed in nomination. Now that could be interesting.

I shudder thinking about what’s in store for us with the next “change.” Maybe my new vacuum cleaner can suck that up, too.


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