Monday, August 25, 2008

The Conventions Begin

Monday is upon us once again. The day had a cloudy/foggy start and the forecast calls for some shower activity before the day is done. Looking at the weather radar early this morning hinted that we in Southern Maine just might miss most of it. One real thing I’m seeing, though, there’s some sunshine right now over here on the South Side of Route 1. But I’m not a weatherman so we’ll just have to wait and see what comes.

It was a great weekend. Gator Daughter was here both days through the lunch hour and helped her mother with some outside activities. Her dog and Gator Golden had a great time together. Watching ours last night was almost funny. She had romped and chased so much that by suppertime she was hardly able to keep her eyes open.

Gator wife has headed off to work and will be at her part time place until early afternoon. That leaves me with some household chores to accomplish this morning. It’s not a “requirement;” but since she’s willing to help us out, I can do a little part.

The Olympics are over. The U.S. won the most medals although the most Gold went to China. NBC, which aired the Olympics on a whole host of channels this time around, says this year’s Olympic Games were the most watched program in television history, highlighted by Michael Phelps’ record breaking eight gold in swimming.

Speaking of TV, this is the week we’ll have our share of coverage of the Democrat National Convention which begins today in Denver. Since you know my political leanings you already know I won’t be watching too much of it. In fact I probably won’t see any of it. It is a “done deal” as they say. Barack Obama has the commitment of enough delegates to get the nomination to run for President.

There will be some moments of “fun,” I guess, when the nominations are made. Word has it that Sen. Hillary Clinton will have her name put into nomination so that her followers can have a reason to celebrate before voting for Obama. Both Senator and former President Bill Clinton will be speaking at the convention. That could provide some interesting moments. I’ve read but haven’t seen anything official that Maine’s Democrat senator hopeful Tom Allen will also make an on-stage appearance.

Perhaps one of the more interesting aspects will be how Obama continues to call for “change” in November after selecting a 36-year Democrat senator as his running mate. Delaware’s Joe Biden has been among the Senate leaders for most of that time. He’s somewhat controversial and doesn’t always have the support of members of his own party. He should fit in well with Obama, the most liberal senator, though, as Biden himself is among those liberals. But it would appear that Obama may be abandoning his “change” battle cry.

We say all this knowing full well that the Republican convention is next week. It will be a replay of the Democrat convention. We don’t know yet who presumptive nominee Sen. John McClain will pick as his running mate. I hope it’s not another senator. We already are faced with a President who will come from a governing body that has the lowest voter approval in history. And now another member of that group will be on the ticket.

I would agree with Obama that we need change. We aren’t likely to get it by electing one of two members of the Congress which has done virtually nothing for two years. I hope all this isn’t foreboding four more years of doing nothing positive to improve the energy situation, the health care cost, illegal immigration problem, the economy, and all the other elements of American life.

I wish I could have a higher expectation for the outcome of the November elections.


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