Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just a little Thursday life

This continuing great weather really does the old soul some good. I guess there’s going to be a little glitch in the next couple of days, but not everyone will see it and the closer to the coast you live the better the chance of missing it.

Gator Wife is home today. I’m not sure just what she has planned for us as I just got home from my successful Senior Fitness routine at the physical therapy center. I’m not sure, however, that the designed workout is continuing to improve my back. As I discovered yesterday leaving the restaurant after our retirement group lunch, my ability to walk distances seems to be decreasing. My Fearless Friend noticed it, too, and pointed out to me this morning he was very close by as I headed for my car. I thought he just wanted to show off his new iPhone toy. FF is a good guy, but I’ll never tell him that.

Perhaps I’ll schedule a session with the spine therapist to see how I can adjust my fitness schedule. The therapy place I use has one of the best spine guys in the area, which is how I got hooked up with the outfit. The people there have been great, but it might be now I need some more direction.

Now I’m home for the day. GW did learn some good things this week. This recent spell of great weather along with some irrigation at night has revived at least some of our vegetable gardens. She’s now has so many tomatoes with many more ripening daily that she’s giving them away. Gator daughter takes them to her work place and puts them on the “help yourself” table there. The green beans which she was getting ready to pull last week are once again presenting us with bountiful amounts. In fact I believe they’re on our menu for tonight. Cucumbers, which a week ago could be hidden by a little finger, are huge.

I could go on but I think you get the idea. The harvest we have always begun in late July/early August is now coming in. It is a total surprise as is the great flavors that have come with them. In just about a week and a half what had been a total disaster has now become a great success. Amazing how nature plays its little games.

Did you see in news that the LPGA is going to require players in its tournaments to speak English? The group welcomes players from other countries but believes it’s important they respond to reporters and interviewers on the TV to be speaking English. They are going to give foreign players periodic tests to be sure they are complying. The group is giving the foreign players two years to learn enough of the language to communicate.

It would be great if this is the beginning. All organizations should make the same requirement. This should be the beginning of a movement to make English the prime language in our country. Of course it might be nice if they require Americans to also be able to speak English. I know there’ll be those who will say if we make this requirement other countries will do the same in their lands. No opposition from me on that one. Besides, I wonder even today how many non-Pick-a-Language speaking Americans can go to a foreign country and demand a free interpreter. I wonder how many governmental papers are provided both in the native language and English. Just some thought food.

The Democrats finalized the nomination of Barack Obama as their candidate for the President of the United States last night. Now, perhaps, we’ll find out just exactly what he has accomplished to make him the great leader we’re told he is. Anyone remember George McGovern?

Next week the Republicans take their turn. It’ll be another week of the hype, meaningless promises, and feel good stuff for the party faithful. In the end, John McCain will be running against Obama for President. I’ll probably watch as much of that convention as I did the Democrat one. And you know where my political persuasion is.

GW and Gator Golden are outside doing whatever they do out there. I know she’s planning to get some beans for tonight’s meal, and they’ll be excellent. I love fresh vegetables.


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