Monday, February 1, 2016

What a beginning for February!

This is February??   Twelve noon on February First and the temperature out on my deck is 60 degrees.  Let me be clear, my deck temp is never the same as the "official" temperature and this time of day there could be 4 or 5 degrees difference.  But 60 is the way it feels out on the Deck.  We could actually beat the "official" high record of 63 degrees.  'Spose to be right up there tomorrow, too.  Wow!  But then some rain, precious little chance of snow, Wednesday will start us back down into the 30s for the rest of the week.  But that won't take today's Start of February away from us.  Imagine, 60 degrees on February First in Maine!

Before this night is over, we could have some interesting news out of Iowa.  This is Presidential Caucus in the state with the first real vote heading toward presidential nominations this summer.  Each party will select who voters in that state should support.  I'm glad I don't live there as I haven't decided which lousy candidate I'd support.  There isn't one that I could trust to lead this country with honesty and integrity.  One good thing could come from tonight's voting.  A whole bunch of second level Republicans could decide to throw in the towel.

I'll have to wait until tomorrow morning to learn the official results as I'll be going to bed tonight at my regular Monday bed time.

Here's a phrase that's is so needlessly overused it has become trite and dumb-sounding.  "Special Edition."  Like "This is a Special Edition of the Today Show."  Or "This is a Special Edition of Meet the Press."  I've never seen anything "special" about these and other regularly scheduled programs which are broadcast at the usual times on their usual days.  One exception of course is the lead announcers, anchors if you will, travel to the locale of the main event.  Today, for example, Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie of the Today Show are in Iowa.

I don't know what makes that "special," though, and I've never understood why putting those people on site gives the event any more substance or importance.

This post won't be here long, so we'll keep it short.  See you probably tomorrow.


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