Monday, February 8, 2016

A little snow heading our way for a couple of days

Remember Keith Carson?  He was a weatherman, meteorologist if you prefer, on WCSH6 a  while back until he moved to Atlanta to join The Weather Channel.  The Scarborough Police Department published a post by him on Facebook and my Facebook page picked it up.  That's where I saw it yesterday.

All that to tell you what Carson thought yesterday would be the storm here today through Tuesday, at least.  According ro Keith's post, we're right on the edge of a "monster Nor'Easter."  Of course later information released today by Todd Gutner, a current meteorologist at Channel 6, updates that forecast.  Nevertheless, it was rather amazing to read that a former super weather forecaster who has moved on to what he believes is a greater pasture still keeps an eye on Maine.

Now from Todd:  Monday morning on NewsCenter6 Todd Gutner pretty much confirmed what Keith Carson posted Sunday.  Although we awoke to no snow, Todd told us it would begin this afternoon and continue at least until noontime Tuesday in our region.  The heaviest stuff will fall during the overnight hours and result in 4 to 8 inches of new snow by the time it stops Tuesday, 

Northern parts of the state will probably only see up to four inches.  But think of those Bostonians; Parts of Massachusetts could see a foot or more.

There's also a chance of more snow later this week.

Topic change:  Yes.  I did watch the entire Super Bowl last night as Denver whomped Carolina.  I think the domination was even more than the 24 to 10 score would indicate.  I was happy to see Peyton Manning win what could be his final hurrah.  I do think, though, over the summer the NFL should give its fumble rules a good looksee.

To me, there were two major disappointments.  I think my age might be showing here, but the half time show was simply terrible.  And the much anticipated and touted commercials were for the most part awful.  A couple were even just plain disgusting.  Oh, well, so much for 30 million dollars.

Finally, tomorrow is the "big day" in New Hampshire.  Both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have held on to their huge leads in the polls there heading into tomorrow's primaries.  We'll probably be inundated all day today with news out of New Hampshire.



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