Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Race to the Top...Would it be bad if none made it?

It's looking more and more like Donald Trump could be the flag carrier for the Republican Party this presidential election year.  He's won another local, Nevada, and some now consider him to be on the way to being unstoppable.  Marco Rubio has become the near-clear second placer, while Ted Cruz seems to be falling from grace. 

Cruz's continuation in the race could be totally dependent on the upcoming Texas Super Tuesday affair.  The Texas Senator is confident he'll win his own state, but Trump also claims he's leading in the race, both there and in many other states.  Rubio needs to win his state, Florida.  We could have a far less cloudy picture by the end of March.

None of the three top contenders, however, have grabbed my support.  I still haven't made up my mind as I'm not sure any of the three would make a good President.  Although he'll probably be from the race soon, I'm still doing some study on John Kasich.  I'd guess I'm still hoping there's someone out there who will suddenly appear that can give us the leadership we need.

Although Hillary Clinton looks like she's got the Democratic nomination all locked up, I think the Dems may be in tougher shape than the Republicans.  Looking at Clinton's past and reading what Sanders wants to accomplish are among the scariest things simple Americans like me can do.  I don't understand why so many people support Clinton and why Sanders is making such a slightly smaller mark in the race.

Americans truly do not learn from the history they no longer are being taught in schools and universities.

I don't often say any nice about our President, the there was a touching news story on the television a few nights ago.  President and Mrs. Obama welcomed a 106-year-old woman into the White House.  Among the activities, Mrs. Obama took her by the hand, led her out of her wheelchair, and "danced" with her.  Well, at least they were moving their feet and swaying to the music in a single position.  I don't think I've ever seen a more loving face on President Obama as he also reached out with apparent love to that woman.  As old as she is, the moment simply had to be the very best in the life of that woman.

As much as I hate the Obama politics, I would go see him and any President of the United States at any chance I'd get.  After all, it isn't the man but the position that would be such an honor.

I hope I never lose that feeling, but any of today's hopefuls just might cause it to go away.


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