Saturday, January 16, 2016

Weekends shouldn't be like this!

It's Saturday morning as I begin this little communication.  The weather is just awful.  I said the other day that I simply don't like snow anymore.  My age has something to do with that feeling; but I must say I like snow a whole lot more than I like ice.  My wife works very part time and Saturdays are on her list.  She left for work at 4:45 this morning and the weather channel was proclaiming doom and gloom for conditions here.

She called me about 4:55 to say she had arrived at work and that the driving wasn't as bad as we had been told it was, but the parking lot where she worked was just awful.  She said it took her about seven minutes to get from her car to the building because of the ice buildup.  She'll be heading home in another hour (about 9 AM).

The weather forecast indicates we'll be in for less than nice weather the rest of the day today. If the snow does come as it's forecast, we'll do any cleanup tomorrow.

By now you know the majority in the Maine Legislature has killed, at least for the time being, an attempt to impeach our governor for allegedly exceeding his authority.  The Legislature was also very critical of some remarks Gov. Paul LePage made last week concerning drug dealers and what he said they do to Maine young women.  "Racist," said legislators, the news media, and liberals nationwide.

But one Maine Representative, Heather Sirocki (R - Scarborough and parts of other nearby communities) pointed out one truism about our "racist" governor that I read absolutely no where else during all this debate, although it had been said many times before.  I get a newsletter regularly from Rep. Sirocki and this is what she said in her latest one, Jan 15th:

“Gov. LePage made national news last week with a comment from a town hall meeting in Bridgton. While I agree, Gov. LePage may not always express himself the way that you or I might, his words are also frequently taken out of context and/or are sensationalized by the media. Unfortunately, his words have been used negatively in our nation's highly charged political and racial atmosphere. Many people do not realize that Gov. LePage welcomed into his own family a boy from Jamaica, nor do they know that the governor is bilingual and learned to speak English at age 13.

The Paul LePage I know and respect is not racist, but he is vehemently fighting the substance abuse pandemic that causes about 3 babies a day, or almost 1,000 Maine babies a year, to be born addicted and causes hundreds of overdoses every year. The governor referred to "drug dealers" in his comments, but he did not specify the race or skin color of the traffickers. After speaking with individuals from Bridgton and reading about the national fanfare, near as I can tell, the charge of a “racist comment” seems largely unfounded.”

 Thank you, Rep. Sirocki, for simply stating facts about our governor that most of us never considered.



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