Monday, January 18, 2016

Debates done for a while, probably a short one

Editing my own blog early this Tuesday morning to confirm something to you I've known for a very long time but only got real confirmation earlier this morning.  I'm not sure I believed it or not when I was told that Microsoft turns on your computer to upgrade it as long as it's connected to a power line.  I received an e-mail so many moons ago, I honestly remember not when, warning me that if my computer powered on or off were left plugged in to the electric power, it could be accessed.

Sometime about three o'clock this morning I was awakened to perform a task many men my age have to do sometimes during the night.  I noticed a light coming from the kitchen where one of my computers resides so went to check it out.  Microsoft had awakened it and was performing Windows Updates.  I'm not sure how long it was on as once satisfied the happening was what the screen said it was, I returned to bed.

It was completed when I did get up an hour later to have breakfast with my wife who went to work for the last time before surgery very early this morning.  The computer and monitor were powered down and a quick check showed the upgrade was completed.

That e-mail I had received was confirmed.  It had warned me that as long as the computer had a power source, it was never totally off and could be accessed.  Now I have to wonder, if Microsoft can do it, who else could access my files.  Scary, isn't it?  I've got to work on this one.

If it hasn't happened to you, please know I've seen it actually happening now so you, too, could be a lot more vulnerable than you think.  My excellent protection software did nothing to stop it.  If you didn't know it before, now be informed.

And now back to the original blog for this time period . . .

I haven't changed my mind about liking snow, but today (Monday) really was a simple pretty one.  I'm also beginning to like the weekend forecast as the weather folk seem to backing off just a wee bit from last weekend's forecast for a Nor'Easter.  Models tonight hint it will go further out to sea than originally thought.

I'd like that a lot.  As I've mentioned, my wife Sandra is having a hip replaced Friday and she's scheduled to come home Saturday.  I don't drive, but my daughter has volunteered to take me to the hospital to pick her up.  I wouldn't like driving or riding in a massive snow storm.

Thank goodness one small part of this long election season is over.  I think the season will be about 8 years old when it finally leaves next November.  That part that's over didn't accomplish a whole lot for me, but, in all fairness, I didn't watch much of the debates.  I did tune in to the television for a few minutes at the beginning of a couple, including the last Democratic Debate before the Iowa Caucuses.

When the caucus/primary part of the season is over, I'm not sure whose name for either party will appear on the ballot.  Probably Hillary Clinton is the obvious one on the Democratic side, but Bernie Sanders is making some solid gains.  Actually, I think he might be the better President if elected.  There's a long list of reasons why Mrs. Clinton shouldn't be elected on a forum page in the The Maine Citizen forum.  The submitter gives a litany of material concerning Hillary.  FYI:  It's the second item on page two of this thread.  I must say, however, I wouldn't switch parties to vote for either candidate nor for the third person in the race who doesn't have a chance anyway.

I still haven't made up my mind for whom I'd vote in a Republican primary.  I do think the long list has been cut way down to three or four real possibles.  A few of the original declarers for the nomination have already dropped out.  I'm not particularly happy with any of the remainders, though.  There are one or two of the remaining candidates that I wouldn't support under any conditions, but it's too early to break them out here.

It was fun reading this Monday about the debate in the British Parliament about banning Donald Trump from entering England.  Parliament spent a goodly part of this day bashing the Republican candidate for the United States Presidency.  What a waste of good time and money in Great Britain debating something over which they had neither control nor say.  Some of the debaters pointed that out and there were a few from Scotland who were afraid Trump would pull his millions from his golf courses there.

The debate concerned Trump's proclamation of banning Muslims from entering the United States.

I said once a while back I thought probably Marco Rubio might end up the nominee and I'll stand by that for now.  Even though his numbers are low, I'm not counting Jeb Bush out just yet, either.  Ted Cruz is still around, too, but I don't like his manner.

November still seems like a long way off, but we'll begin to see the end two weeks from tonight (Monday).


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