Monday, January 25, 2016

Another storm? Well, we'll see!

Most of you know why I took the weekend off.  My wife Sandra had a very successful hip replacement last Friday and I wanted to be with her in the hospital and help her our this weekend after she came home Saturday.  She's already walking easier than she did before the replacement although she is using a walker.

Boy, have hip replacements procedures ever changed since the last time anyone I know had one.  We arrived at the hospital at six AM and by 7:30 she was in the operating room.  By 8:30 she was already in the recovery room and about nine o'clock, my daughter and I were told we could go to her room to wait.  About five minutes after we got there, her transportation bed arrived at the door and stopped.  A nurse came into the room and picked Sandra's walker and took it outside to the bed.

The nurse asked Sandra if she was ready to go into the room and her own bed and the affirmative response had the nurse simply telling her to get out of that bed, grab the walker and walk into the room.  And walk into the room.  Holy mackeral, she had just had a new hip put in.  But she followed the instructions, gingerly sat up and swung her legs around and was on the floor.  She walked the several steps with no help except the walker.

When I asked her about pain, she said there was a little tingle, but generally no pain.  By noon Saturday she was home and, still using the walker, was walking anywhere she wanted to go.  Sunday saw massive continued improvement and I'd bet she'll be using a cane by Wednesday.  The last person I knew to have a hip replacement was in the hospital several days and it was a couple of weeks before a cane was in use.

My, how times have changed!

Did you watch the football games yesterday?  If you didn't, you didn't miss much.  Well, we did learn two things:  injuries don't help teams and neither do trades of key players.

And now the hype for the coming end of the week has begun.  "Possible storm coming up the coast for Friday."  Todd...we went through this last week remember?  Is it at all possible the station's reputation for storm prediction this far in advance should be looked at?  I think through the last 75 years or so, and wonder just how often these long range forecasts are accurate.  And, like last week's, this one still hasn't established a definite track.  Seems to me weather forecasting was much more accurate when someone simply looked out the window and not at computer "models."

In fact, I once had a high school student who did exactly that.  He'd come to school in the morning, look out our home room window, and predict whether or not we'd have school the next day during the winter.  He was closer to 100% accurate than the TV was.  He worked, by the way, for a short time at WCSH but had to use those models and wasn't nearly as accurate.

But, for now, we'll get all excited about another weekend storm.


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