Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Surprise! Surprise!

I don't have a lot of information yet as the news media hasn't had time to get it all together, but WCSH6 Newscenter reported this noon that the Democrats have forced their leader, Mark Eves, to back off at least for a while on attempts to embarrass Gov. Paul LePage.

Some Democrats had wanted to start this first session of the 2016 Legislature with either an attempt to impeach the governor or, at the very least, censure him for his actions.  The one most often mentioned had been the Governor's suggestion that Eves might not be the best choice for a leadership position at a charter school.  The Governor had said that Eves had opposed such schools since their inception.  Gov. LePage also had hinted at a possible conflict of interest in the hiring.  Eves was fired about a week after his appointment last year.

Rank and file democrats apparently caucused yesterday and the only conclusion they could agree with at this time was to start the year without the confrontation and attempt to have a harmonious beginning to the session with their republican counterparts and focus on important issues facing all Mainers, such as the development and funding of a plan to meet the state's drug problem head on.

It doesn't mean the Eves thing is over, however.  Eves reportedly said, "Stay tuned."  He continues to have a law suit pending against the governor and LePage has filed a motion in the court to have that dismissed.

But at least for this day, it appears that reasoned minds have prevailed and the session may be off to a good start.  Let's hope the legislators like getting along with each other and true bi-partisanship will lead to fair compromise on issues to move our State forward.  After all, the best solutions seem to always be about in the middle of the solutions offered by both sides of an argument.  Sort of like the real truth of a situation usually is somewhere between your version of the truth and my version of it.

We'll see.


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