Saturday, June 28, 2014

What's any better than a good vacation?

What a great way to end the month of June!  We're streaming through some of the best weather we've had for a very long time.  I love it.

I had some news Friday that I knew was coming but really didn't want to hear.  I've known about some cataracts for quite a while, years, in fact, but now they're interrupting my vision.  I had a regularly scheduled appointment with my eye checker and told her my vision had changed.  I was having a hard time focusing in a distance and had to take my glasses off to read.

She gave me the full exam and much to my surprise, there's no change in my prescription.  Cataracts, said she.  She went through a full explanation of what was happening and I mentioned I had several friends who had gone through them, and none had the kind of symptoms, or problems if you wish, that I am having.  She told me I am a different person and cataracts can act differently.  Then she said that she'd bet I'm a lot closer to what those friends faced than I believed.  She first warned me of the cataracts a few years back, so this didn't come as a surprise.

She's giving me a little time to adjust my thinking about cataracts and didn't want me to change my July vacation plans.  But when my wife and I get back home, seriously think about the eyes and give her a call.

Absolutely no one I know who has gone through this has said anything bad about it.  If I mention this to my Fearless Friend, he'd tell me, again, that I'd probably be looking up at a blurred ceiling when all would go black and a minute later be able to count the holes in the tiles.  A couple days later, I'd be wondering why in the world I put it off.  Several other people have told me basically the same thing.  One woman I know faced the same trepidation I'm facing, went through with it, and was so happy with the results she called to have the second eye fixed as soon as she could.

I'm not going to let my fears keep me from having a great time on our vacation, but for this blog, the vacation is beginning right now.  I'll be taking the month of July, or a good portion of it, off.  A little bit of it will be a trip to the Pennsylvania Dutch Country (Lancaster) where we have tickets to a great production.  I hope you continue to enjoy your summer.


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