Monday, June 23, 2014

The slow times continue.

I just realized the last, beautiful weekend is over.  Goes to show you, doesn't it, just how uninvolved in about anything right now I am.

My wife has had her schedule at her part time job changed, at least for this week.  She now works Friday through Monday with Tuesday through Thursday off.  She's giving this schedule a chance, but she certainly isn't too happy about management changes at her work place.  She has asked how much time she must give to quit.  The standard two-week notice is necessary, but she can include upcoming vacation time in those two weeks.

The pollsters are driving me nuts.  I get at least one call, usually more, each day, including Sunday.  I hope someone is paying for the time.  About all I do is either just hang up or get very rude, which, as you know, accomplishes nothing.  I don't think just hanging up accomplishes anything, either.  Sunday's call was a very long one and I was bored with the television, so I answered about 50 questions concerning just about every issue, including moving the Boston bomber trial to Washington.  It only consisted of pressing one to four for the usual choices.

I got the gals in my life a little upset with me over the past weekend.  I reminded them that in just nine days (from then) I'll be able to say,  "Thankfully, the football season get underway next month."  The Florida Gators, who I had been following very closely, open with a game at the end of August.  I doubt I'll be following them quite as closely during this coming season.  They still have the coach that has destroyed the once Mighty Gators.  Last year was the worst one in several decades as the non-coach led the team to a very losing season.  Not much hope for this year, either.  It appears the school's AD is having a hard time facing the fact he made a really bad decision hiring the coach.

A sign of the times:  There's a commercial on the Telly showing a young man and a young woman texting each other on a telephone trying to reach agreement on a vacation.  The camera pulls back and shows the two sitting at the SAME table touching elbows.  Texting to each other.  Whatever happened to the ability to hold a conversation?

I think I've sent just two text messages in the dozen years I've had a cell phone.  The first one was to my Fearless Friend that simply told him I was seeing how the thing worked.  The other was seeing if I could text while driving.  That was close to a disaster.  I've not sent another text message since that I can recall.  I still have my original phone, and I got it long before the so-called Smart Phones came into being.

I got my phone shortly after my heart incident back in 2001 just so I'd have a way to get help in case of an emergency.  40 days in a hospital will do that to you.  But once I got it, naturally I had to try it out.  Now my phone is never on unless I need to initiate a call, like one to my wife if I'm going to be late so she won't get worried.  Only about five people, two of them outside my family, have my phone number.

This is the week with the last Wednesday of the month in it.  I'm looking forward to going to lunch with my fellow retirees again.  I missed the last two sessions while I was attending my balance workshop.  It'll be good to try to get back into the conversation stream again.

I hope you have a good, productive rest of the week.


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