Friday, June 20, 2014

What a great stretch of weather!

Another weekend is upon us and we're looking at another great summer weekend.  All this past week has been really good, although I must admit the humidity made the mid-week a little dicey.  There are times when I'm really, selfishly?, happy I live in Maine and not in the mid-west.  We do complain when the short summer is interrupted by a storm, but then we watch the visuals from the middle part of our country.

We are prepared for a little heat, though.  My house has central air-conditioning and it was checked out and started up for this season recently.  We really don't run it very often, however.  One can almost hear the little wheel in the meter spinning when we're drawing electricity for the A/C.  I'm really not sure our so-called Smart Meter has a wheel as I've never bothered to check; but when that electricity bill comes, in our case at the end of the month so one will be here next week, the difference between months when we don't run the A/C and those when we do is dramatic.

When the temperature is reaching into the high 80s or low 90s, though, I don't hesitate to turn the cooler on, especially at night so we can get some sleep.

Nothing was wrong when it was checked this year, so now we'll just hope we don't have to use it too often. 

Wouldn't it be nice if the summer just merrily rolled along with sunny skies, temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s, and a very gentle breeze off the ocean?  Now that's the kind of weather I really like.

You've read here many times that Sandra, my wife, works part time to get away from me.  She could have retired with full retirement benefits ten years ago, but has chosen to work into her mid 70s.  There have been some changes at her workplace and she no longer comes home smiling and happy about what she's doing there.  First, I was hearing about how the mood where she works was changing and now it seems to be getting worse.  Her schedule has been all screwed up and the number of hours reduced and she's beginning to question whether or not continuing is worth it.  From what she says, it's the same "wonder" her fellow workers are expressing.

She has a couple weeks of vacation coming up in July and, she says, they could become permanent.  Then she says she'll give it into August to see if the place returns to the happy, nice place to work it was until some management changes were made.  I'll support whatever decision she makes, but I sure do hate seeing her come home from work as a very unhappy person.

I'm glad I got that off my chest.  Now let's settle down for another nice weekend.  I hope yours is, anyways.  My wife has a new work schedule and it includes both Saturdays and Sundays.  That makes us both unhappy.


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