Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Thank you, Scarborough!

I have just a couple of things on which to comment this time around.  One of them was an activity at the voting place in Scarborough today.  We can't often tell of a really nice thing a town does for its residents, but on voting day my town did.  So I want to say "Thank You" to whoever in Scarborough thought of and arranged assistance for handicapped people at the voting arena at Scarborough High School.

I am mobility impaired and need some sort of assisting device in order to walk.  Sometimes for short distances I simply use a cane.  For moderate distances I have a four-wheel walker which most people call a "rollator," but my spell checker says I've spelled it wrong and has no suggestions.  And for long distances, I have a wheel chair.

On this voting day, I chose the walker as I had to get from the school's parking lot to its gym.  The moment we pulled into a handicap marked parking slot and hanged the placard, one of several folk came toward the car.  The people were all well-marked as helpers, probably police officers or trainees.  Their mission was simply to assist us mobility challenged to get into the voting room.  They had wheel chairs and other things at the ready.

By the time he got to our car to offer his assistance, my wife had already removed the walker, but the friendly helper guided us to the gym and gave us all the assistance we needed.  As we left the gym, there he was again to help us get back to our car.

I really appreciated the effort.  Perhaps they've been doing this routine at each election for a long time.  I hadn't run into it before probably because I usually vote absentee.  This is one super service given by the Town of Scarborough to its residents.  It's the kind of story about which we never hear and should get a lot more positive publicity.

Again, Thank You, Scarborough, for working to meet the needs of your challenged residents.

The other item concerns one I read on-line.  Apparently some British schools are seeing serious indoctrination creeping into their curriculum.  As a result one officials has now called for all schools to teach traditional British traditions, values, culture as a major part of the curriculum in all schools, public and private, secular or religious.  On the surface I thought this was a good idea.  I wonder if it also wouldn't be a good one for American schools, too.  We need something to bring our country back to its stated Constitutional way of life.


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