Friday, July 22, 2011

What else? It's the weather!

Edited Friday PM:  For the first time ever (at least since records were maintained) Portland hit a temperature of 100 degrees.

My wife gets up early Fridays to head off to her parttime job which begins at six.  I usually arise about 5 AM on days she leaves early so I can spend a few minutes with her and we have breakfast together.  At five o'clock this Friday morning, I was shocked to see 80 degrees in three different places.  That was the temperature on the weather forecast on Channel Six, it was the temperature on my weather station, and the temperature that my computer reads from someplace I don't know, but I think it's the Portland airport.

80 degrees at five A.M. in Maine.  Unheard of!!

Keith Carson, the Channel Six meteorologist this morning, said the "feels like" temperature was 87.  And the sun wasn't even out, yet.  I can't remember when it was this hot this early in Southern Maine.  The forecast says it will get up to 95 today in our area, but parts of Maine and New Hampshire will hit 100 or higher today.

It'll be hot again Saturday before the weather 'breaks' later in the day.  Sunday just might be nice.  Or cold by today's standards.

I feel badly for people who must work outside today.  In my other life, I've done that and it is far from easy.  Outside or inside, this is a day to keep water nearby and keep yourself hydrated.  Can you imagine what those recently graduated high school kids practicing for Saturday's Lobster Bowl football game are going through?  At least the news is the coaches have developed a safe practice program for them.  The kids will go through with the game; it's their last hurrah in Maine high school football and it's to raise money for charity.  Many of the players will be heading off to join college teams within a couple of weeks.

Our air conditioning will be on all day today and probably again through the night.  This is one time I don't think I'll be complaining about my electric bill.

As I've said two or three times this week, do your best to keep yourselves cool and hydrated and rested these days.  Check on your neighbors and family to be sure they're O.K. 


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