Friday, July 15, 2011

Half way through July

Well, now, just in case you've never stacked firewood, let me give you a small warning.  It comes very close to being work.  We took delivery of our winter wood today and now it's all stacked neatly, sort of neatly at least, in its storage place.  It will be nice and dry for the winter burning.

Since we no longer have kids living with us, my wife and I had to develop a system to do the work ourselves.  So, the wood guy delivers it.  This year he dumped it on the lawn because the driveway had just been fixed and sealed.  My wife loaded it on a cart, one cartful at a time, and delivered it to me in the stacking place.  I stacked it.  And now it's done for another year.

Begs the question, doesn't it?  Don't you wish you still had kids around to do the work for you?  The simplest of all answers:  No.  We do love the two sort of middle aged adults we do have, but I certainly wouldn't want to be starting over in this evolving culture.

There is a good thing about the wood.  It completes our summer projects.  When late spring approached, we made a list of things we'd like to accomplish this summer.  Today we crossed off the final entry and all the tasks we had planned have successfully been accomplished.  Lists do wonders to help get things done.  Of course, once the list is made, the things have to get done and there's been more than once I've made a list only to toss it away at the end of the summer.  Not this time, though, the list is complete.

Naturally that doesn't mean there's nothing left to do this weekend.  There's still a lawn all around the house and wife and daughter are going to accomplish the second planting of our beans.  Those events, though, are just normal tasks.

Even the weather seems to be coorporating this weekend.  So far, and the forecast says it'll continue, this has been and is going to be a wonderful weekend.

On Monday I won't be able to say, "I told you so" unless I tell you so.  I'm predicting the republicans in Congress will cave on the debt situation.  Republicans simply don't have the intestinal fortitude to fight for what's right.

I hope you have a superior weekend and all goes as you planned for it go go.


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