Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mid week...still hot...and it'll be here for a few more days

I've accepted the fact that I'm rarely happy with the weather.  In the winter, it's the cold and snow that gets into me and causes discomfort.  Then along comes spring and they're getting more and more rainy each year.  Yep!  More unhappiness and discomfort.  Well now it's summer.  For the moment it's the heat and humidity that's driving me nuts.

One might think that a person proud to be a Florida Gator would just love this heat.  After all, I have spent summer college breaks working out in the Florida sun installing windows in new construction.  I have to remind myself of those days working outside on the sunny side of a house with the sun blasting me from the back and the heat reflection off those windows blasting me in the front.  But that was more than a half century ago.

The heat we're getting now in Maine doesn't even come close to my memory of those "good old days."  In fact, the heat we're getting in Maine right now doesn't even match the heat being generated in other parts of the country this year.  So I guess, Gator Dude, it's time to "quitcher bitchin'" and just wait a few days when it'll probably pass, at least here.

Nevertheless, I must say that I truly prefer the temperatures to be in the mid 70s with a gentle sea breeze. 

I made a prediction last Friday about Republicans caving in the congressional debate over the budget.  It hasn't totally happened yet, but there's this "Gang of Six" that's trying to make it true.  Right now I don't think anyone has a good solution on cutting.  I can think of a place where they might look.  I'm selfish in that the idea of cutting Social Security and Medicare irritates me as I'm living in that area right now.  But the government could save billions of dollars if it simply stopped giving my hard earned money to people in this country illegally.  There are people getting benefits who have never contributed a dime to the programs, and now the programs are facing the prospect of going broke.  Congress's solution:  cut the benefits of those of use who have worked a lifetime paying for them.

What is it about red and black clothes?  I just watched another car commercial where the ladies in the spot were wearing red tops and black bottoms.  It was at least the third different company where the lady spokespeople were sporting that color combination.  I guess it beats the commercials where the guys were having the front of their shirts ripped off by giant buttons.  Is this color combination particularly effective in car commercials?  I remember the colors; I couldn't tell you the companies.

I mentioned it both Monday and Tuesday, so I'll keep it going.  It's going to be hot again today and the humidity will begin creeping in.  Non-alcoholic and non-caffeine hydration is necessary; water is best.  Keep an eye on your elderly family members and neighbors to be sure they're O.K.  And, Yes! FF, I'm just fine over here.

There's probably a sign of some sort here, but I do remember now and yesteryear much better than the past few years, but I don't remember when my air conditioner has had more use than it seems to be getting this summer season.  I don't think I'm looking forward to my CMP bill.

Stay cool and comfortable.


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