Friday, July 29, 2011

July screeches to a halt

Happy weekend...again.  It should be a rather nice one once we get through Friday night and, perhaps, Saturday morning.  I'm not sure about the humidity, though.  When I awoke this morning, there was an obvious difference from the past couple of days.  July was a super month, except, perhaps, for a sort of warm spell it had, compared with June.  July ends; now we'll have to see what August brings.

At least after two weeks I might be able to get my lawn mowed.  It's "beginning" to need it.

Dawn broke Friday with that budget debate still in a stalemate in Washington.  Will we finally get a new budget and avoid a possible financial meltdown before the weekend ends?  All we can do is stand by and see.  I'm disappointed.  After both sides offered a plan during the week to get a budget, it all broke down because neither side was willing to compromise.  A major problem, it seems, is one side didn't actually present a plan, only talk of one and comments from that side's leader Thursday was that they would wait for the other to pass its plan then modify it.  Perhaps sometime this weekend potential disaster can be avoided.  Edited Friday night:  The House passed a budget bill; as expected, the Senate rejected it.  The Senate will revise the House bill overnight eliminating the meaningful stuff and inserting the Obama wants.  It'll then be returned to the House.  More drama to come.

There were a couple of interesting developments in Maine Thursday.  First Secretary of State Charles Summers said he would investigate proposed voter fraud in Maine.  Charles Webster, the chairman of the Republican Party, had presented Summers with what Webster called proof that voter fraud did exist.  Summers surprised us with an announcement that someone in his own department had already complained that a previous administration had ordered proof of fraud destroyed.  Summers said an investigation was already underway.

Perhaps all this will lead to the Legislature finally taking honest, real corrective measures and create voter registration rules that require proof of residency and identity.  Then the law should add a requirement for voter identity at the polls.  Considering all the places one must show photo I.D.s, the argument against it is extremely specious.

The other fun story was the tongue lashing Gov. LePage gave members of the news media.  He did point out two or three reporters who do their homework to provide honest coverge of the governor; he also pointed out two or three he literally called dishonest in their reporting.  I first saw it on WCSH6-TV.  You might like to see it for yourself.

And a fun final note for this weekend.  Earlier this month I offered my congratulations to my Fearless Friend and his wife as they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, but I didn't know the exact date.  FF is one of the group of retirees with whom I enjoy lunch on the last Wednesday of every month, a ritual we've had for about 15 years.  FF told me the exact date would be this Saturday, so FF and Mrs. FF, let me repeat my congratulations on the celebration of your 50 years together. 

I also learned during that conversation that almost all of us have also reached that 50 year mark this year.  My wife and I will cross the threshhold in November.  It's easy to see why this group of retirees remains so loyal.  We not only share previous work experiences together, we also share good family values.

I hope you have a super weekend.


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