Saturday, April 18, 2009

April Weekend the Third

The weather is somewhat cloudy as this weekend gets underway. We’re told we can expect some shower activity in our area Saturday but Sunday will be rather nice. The Ch. 6 weather lady seemed to indicate the temperatures won’t be too bad this coming week, but it will Friday before we can get back into the 60s.

Speaking of the 60s, wasn’t Friday just a wonderful day? My unofficial thermometer said it reached 69 degrees while the TV said the high in Portland was 68. Close enough. In any case it sure was one mighty nice day.

Gator Wife spent the afternoon Friday with our daughter returning favors we get every weekend from her helping out around here. They got the sticks and winter kill off to Portland’s dumping area and when they were finished, Gator Daughter’s yard was clean and waiting for the grass to grow.

Our yard has already been de-sticked and cleared of the winter and ice debris. The town we live in is having roadside pickup beginning the 27th of the month. All we residents need to do is get the debris to the curb. It’s a one shot deal. Once the town truck picks up a street, it will not return so we’re seeing the winter/ice kill beginning to pile up now. It is a good service.

Gator Golden, of course, uses the yard for her needs all winter long. GW has made two or three trips through the yard and evidence of a dog has been eliminated. Now with summer here, she’ll make that yard trip several days each week.

So our yard is ready for spring/summer as well. I understand some of the town’s residents away from the coast have already made mower runs in their yards. My lawn is a very long way from needing mowing. But a couple of warm days and showery nights could change that situation virtually overnight. Of course I’ve got to change my tractor over from snow blower to lawn mower before I can mow. That could take place this weekend, depending on various people’s moods.

My neighbor Ed can do it in about 20 minutes whereas it would take Gator Daughter and me probably 90 or more.

GD and I do have some tasks to do. She’ll give me a hand in giving my three outdoor machines a fresh supply of juice. We had planned to do it last weekend, but it was simply too windy, thus cold, for my chemically blood thinned body. It was postponed to this weekend and it looks like Sunday will be the day.

Most of you who have power equipment know it’s not the most difficult task people undertake, but it has the potential of being a wee bit messy if we don’t get the oil catcher in the right place under the tube. We will change spark plugs and filters as well, so it can be just a little bit time consuming. The machines will reward us later on when they’re put into service.

This weekend in April will be an easy one for the Gator Clan. A nice rotisserie chicken is on the menu Saturday and some good, homemade sandwiches will be here Sunday. GD will be well-fed for her efforts. And, of course, there are a couple of wonderful Golden Retrievers which will take great advantage of being outdoors and romping and playing.

Me? I’ll be spending some time as I usually do on weekends thinking about some topics for the coming week. You can find out what those thoughts were when we return Monday morning.


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