Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another damp weekend; it is April, you know.

This weekend will develop as it goes along. Whatever the weather will be will determine the Gator family activities. Possible showers are forecast for Saturday, but Sunday is expected to be fairly nice. Gator Daughter normally comes over on weekends so her Golden Retriever and ours can spend some time together. It’s a fun time for both.

As I’ve said before, somehow the dogs know it’s a weekend and that they visit. Gator Golden will start searching out the window for the arrival of her sister right around 11 in the morning. GD tells us her pup begins her routine at about the same time, but the daughter’s dog knows she riding over here and gives very low “woofs” to let GD know the time has come.

The weather affects the humans involved, but somehow I get the impression the dogs could care less about the weather. All they’re interested in is the chasing each other around the yard. Of course if either of the ladies is outside, that’s all the better and the dogs play and run harder when they can keep their “mommies” in sight.

The possible showers on Saturday could keep GD home. Actually, the heavy rain on Friday, more than a half inch overnight on my meter, could also influence her decision. Between the two, I’d bet she stays home. She doesn’t like to have the dogs get soaking wet and then come inside to drip and she doesn’t like them pushing each other in mud. The cold in the winter is also a variable that guides her decision, but winter’s cold is no longer an issue. We won’t know what the decision will be until sometime mid-Saturday-morning.

Showers aren’t in the forecast for Sunday, so it’ll be the ground condition that will influence GD’s decision. You’d probably be surprised to know that she’s welcome in our house no matter what the weather is. And we’ve mentioned on several occasions that the Momma Gator will have food for our daughter to take home.

The do nothing weekends will probably come to a screeching halt after this one. Gator Wife has read that we don’t have to wait until that last frost in May to begin her planting. She only needs to have the ground more or less frost free. GW is lucky her daughter is willing to give so much time to help her with the gardens. So my guess is they will get out our tilling machine as early as next weekend to begin testing the ground for preparation.

If we are able to plant some vegetables a little earlier than we have in the past, it will mean we’ll be enjoying the results earlier than we have. GW has two separate vegetable gardens where she plants most of our summer veggies, except corn. We still rely on a farmer’s market for that one.

When we were first married, her family, which had several acres of vegetable garden behind their home, gave GW and me six 40-foot long rows to plant the food for ourselves on the condition we did all the work. We had all the fresh vegetables we could eat all summer, but I was also introduced to the art of canning and freezing for the ability to enjoy home grown vegetable year round. I was just a wee bit younger then and did enjoy helping in the outdoors.

Her father left us back in the 1970s and we didn’t return to vegetable gardening again until we moved to our present home about 15 years ago.

All vegetables are best when eaten fresh, but it wasn’t until I met GW that I learned just how much better those grown at home and eaten fresh were. Corn was the biggest surprise to me. Her dad had several rows of corn. I learned very early on that nothing can beat an ear of corn eaten with an hour of picking. That doesn’t happen with supermarket corn and even most farmers’ markets aren’t as fresh. We simply don’t have room for corn here.

Here’s a brief postscript to Friday’s discussion of the Grand Canyon Skywalk. GW mentioned to her co-worker the show about it was on TV the previous night. The co-worker said, as we told you Friday, the lines were long and her time was short so they didn’t take the walk. She added Friday that another consideration was $75/per person and she has a family of five. That stopped her, too. I also know that GW and I wouldn’t put out $150 for the walk.

So, another weekend is underway. Also underway is my thinking about the week ahead. We’ll be back Monday morning.


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