Saturday, March 7, 2009

Winter is now fading away.

The weekend is once again upon us. We all have a special chore to accomplish these two days, and it really should be done Saturday night just before you head off for bed. Time changes this weekend. Remember the old saying, “Spring forward, fall back.” This is the weekend we must move our clocks ahead one hour. The official changeover is 2 AM Sunday.

There just a small chance I won’t be up at that hour and I’d bet most of you won’t be, either.

Gator Golden will be confused at the time changes. Her new eating time, although the same on our adjusted clock, won’t be the same for her. I have no way to spring her system forward that hour. We go through this confusion twice each year. She absolutely knows when it’s eating time and it will probably take a couple of weeks for her system to adjust.

While you’re at it, I hope you have also established the habit of changing the batteries in your smoke and CO2 detectors. If you are among the many these days with home alarm systems, you probably have other batteries that should be replaced, too. Not changing your clocks can mostly lead just to an embarrassment. Not changing the batteries in those other devices could lead you on a journey you’re probably not ready to take.

The weather people tell us that Saturday will be one mighty fine day. Temperatures in our neighborhood could hit or cross into the fifties. I know our daughter and her dog will take advantage of the nice weather and pay us a visit. Her dog and ours will have an absolute blast and the two ladies probably will spend some time either outside or in our breezeway in full sight of the dogs.

Edited about 2 PM Saturday: We have gotten a nice surprise. We did indeed make it easily into the 50s, and now even into the 60s. It hasn't been this nice here for a long time. End of edit.

As long as they can see their mommy people, they’ll be having a blast romping and playing in the back yard.

Those same weather people tell us we could see some precipitation come in overnight Saturday. Because of the forecast temperatures, it will probably be rain here. We won’t know until Sunday if GW and I will be alone or if we’ll have our family visitors here. The forecast Saturday morning called for developing sunshine Sunday.

There’s still too much snow on the ground outside for GW and GD to make any rounds to pick up any winter-fallen sticks. Or other stuff that may have fallen out of the animals. There will be a lot of heavy looking out there and the planning for the spring will begin. And it’s only about two and a half weeks away.

My Fearless Friend has sent me an e-mail from his Florida abode. Reading between the lines, I think he’s missing Maine. He wrote about near 80 degree weather and how he was suffering so much he was forced to sit on his screened in porch in a t-shirt and shorts. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had to take a walk around a lake across the street from his home just to cool off. Poor guy. I feel so sorry for FF. And, can you believe he has to suffer through freshly picked fruits and vegetables? He’s probably counting the days until he can back to beautiful Maine living.

You enjoy your weekend and we’ll be back with you on Monday.


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