Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Spring Weekend

We have reached the first full weekend of spring. Actually, it’s the first weekend of spring as this new season arrived only Friday. It tried to keep it a secret, though, as the day did not produce what I would call Spring-like weather. The sun did shine brightly and the temperature did cross over the freezing mark, but I say it was cold.

There is an English rule, and I truly did know it at one time, when the word “spring” should be capitalized in sentences, except for the first word in a sentence. The same rule applies to the other seasons, too. As much as I rack my brain, what’s left of it, I simply cannot come up with the rule. I think it has something to do with the use of the word and whether it is referring to the season or not. But then there are times when even referring to the season, it’s not capitalized. Shucks. I’ll continue to misuse it, and maybe sometime that rule will suddenly come to me.

Actually, does anyone really care?

Gator Daughter and her beautiful Golden Retriever will be visiting us this weekend, as she does most weekends. Since most of the snow in our yard has gone to snow heaven, GD and Gator Wife will most likely spend a goodly portion of the time wandering around the yard making plans for the five flower gardens and two vegetable gardens we have.

I know GW has sent for some new flower bulbs of some sort. They haven’t yet arrived and it’s too early for planting anyway. But there are several so the girls will be planning on which garden or gardens will be those bulbs' new homes.

I suspect GW, at least, will spend some time working on the grounds, like picking up the sticks that have fallen from trees during winter storms and picking up little “presents” the two Goldens have left for us for the last several months. I went out to watch Neighbor Ed take down our old TV antenna for us Friday, and we have many, many of those gifts.

Sometimes I wish dogs knew how to use litter boxes like kitties.

Speaking of cats, a feral cat that is, inadvertently I think, causing great anxiety in Gator Golden is roaming our neighborhood. I think the cat once belonged to a neighbor who has passed away and is just fending for itself. It’s doing a good job, I’d say by the its looks. I had thought we had an opossum roaming around, but now, after seeing that cat, I think I had been seeing it.

It has chosen sometime around 4 AM to do its foraging in our yard. I don’t know how GG hears that cat, but she wakes us up to let us know we have a visitor. I suspect GG would like to go outside and chase the cat, but ever since GW saw a rather healthy skunk out there a few weeks ago, we don’t let GW go out until dawn. If the striped one were still around, GG would be chasing no matter what time of day. We’ve convinced ourselves that the skunk will not be here in the daytime as it would know of GG’s existence.

I’d guess most of the outside work will be finished Saturday so I can’t venture a guess as to what is going to happen Sunday. I do know we don’t have any specific plans, except to be sure GD is well fed and has a food supply for the week.

The two Goldens will spend a lot of time outside. It amazes us how well these two dogs get along together and how well and hard the play without anger taking over. Oh, sure. We’ve heard a growl or two over the years, but they’re usually only when the dogs are playing with pull toys. Now that the snow is almost gone, and especially after the yard gets a cleaning, they’ll take full advantage of the outdoors.

There’s no jealously shown, either, when GD is patting/playing with our dog, nor does GG object when we’re making of her sister. Golden Retrievers are just wonderful family dogs.

That’s a little of what is expected at the Gator household this weekend. We’ll have a great time and I hope you have one, too. I’ll be back here Monday.



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I care.

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