Saturday, March 14, 2009

A nice, quiet weekend

The weekend takes over once again. The weather people tell us we’ll have a very nice one, too. Temperatures will be in the 40s both days and actually the upper 40s Sunday. Forget that. I’m looking forward to Tuesday when we’re told the temperatures will run into the 50s. Right now, though, we’ve got another beautiful weekend to enjoy.

We’ll have a typical Gator family weekend. Our daughter and her dog will visit both days. We have no work planned so the visits will be completely for the dogs to play. Gator Daughter will join us for lunch both days, but that will be the excitement for the weekend.

The snow cover is disappearing rapidly. Eight or more inches a week ago is now down to an inch or two, and with the weather forecast for the coming week, we could be snow free by next weekend. Well, probably not totally free as a couple piles left behind by neighbor Ed’s plow might still be here at the end of the month.

The lawn is showing in many spots, especially spreading out from tree bases. Plants have popped up in many places around Wife Gator’s gardens. She watches daily as it seems more and more are making their presents known. The weather forecast for this coming week will really cause those plants to spring forth. Hmmm. Maybe that’s why we call this season ‘spring.’

She has made her order for flowers and they’ll be arriving in time for spring planting in the very near future. I’m really over my head here. The truth be known, I only know such things as flowers, plants, and bushes. We have many colored flowers, and both green bushes and bushes with flowers. GW can name them all with just a quick glance. Gator Daughter is getting there.

We’re rapidly approaching the outdoor season. The gals will be starting their garden work in the near future. The vegetable gardens won’t be planted until the last frost in May, so we’re a way away from those gardens.

My job simply becomes the lawn. I’ll begin taking my regular rides around the yard in April, I would imagine.

We have all this outdoor discussion this weekend because we are very tired of winter and snow; and this gives us something fresh. The best part is that next weekend at this time, Spring will have Sprung!

The Gator gals join me in hoping your weekend is a super one, and we’ll be back Monday.


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