Monday, December 14, 2015

Oh, Pity Me! (But you probably won't.)

Today's note is just a self-pitying one so you might just as well stop reading right here.

We had a pretty nice weekend in our neck of the woods.  The temperatures were well above normal for December days.  And at least on our plot of land, rain did not fall, at least during the daytime.  But that same weekend spoke of some rather serious weather approaching the northern part of our state and it included some three and four letters words.  Snow and Ice specifically.  Although we were told our area would get some rain Tuesday, at least Snow and Ice were not included and the temperatures were expected to be closer to normal but probably still slightly above average for the dates.

My problem is my shmucked up innards don't read or listen to weather forecasts.  Just about every joint in my body and a few other places, like my back, just scream at me whenever a frontal system comes within a couple of hundred miles of me.  Let me tell you, that mess way up north has, apparently, met the distance criteria.  Moving from one room to another just in my home has been an adventure, or several adventures, all Monday.  I suspect it's going to continue, perhaps even get worse over the next couple of days.

To make matters worse, my wife is scheduled for a hip replacement next month and that hip is responding to the weather at least almost as badly as my joints are responding.  You have no idea how much watching her move around adds to my woes.  She tries harder, though, to hide the discomfort than I.  Watching her, though, has proved to me that no matter how hard we try, we simply cannot fool anyone into thinking we don't hurt.

Seems to me I know a few other people who probably could nod their heads from their personal experiences these same thoughts.

This too will pass.


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