Thursday, December 17, 2015

Drawing to a close, the year, that is...

My joint woes continue.  I simply do not like frontal weather systems.  Oh, well, as I said last time, this too will end.

Did you watch the NFL game on the NFL Network Thursday night?  The Tampa Bay and St. Louis uniforms may have been the ugliest I've ever seen.

It's kind of quiet during these seasonal weeks.  Maine Legislature committees and even some non-committee members are holding sessions in Augusta getting ready for the big opening in January.  The upcoming session should be rather boring with little being accomplished.

Why the little accomplishment? you ask.  Well, we have the same basic legislature we had this year and the same governor.  One leans Democratic while the other leans Republican.  To make matters even more difficult is that the Legislative leaders and the governor do not particularly like each other.  One side is trying to make Maine more socialistic while the other is trying to make government smaller and less costly by saving taxpayers money.

If the last session is any indication, there is little reason to think there'll be much compromise this time around, either.  Oh, yes, I probably should point out I know the upcoming session is just Part II of the last session so that, too, gives us little hope that much will be better in 2016.  One good thing we can say about it, though, is will by law be just a wee bit shorter than last year's.

The national scene in Washington isn't much better, if any better.  Both sides there are entering into compromise solutions neither side really want for just one reason:  The Winter Break is upon us and they're all only looking to get home for the Holidays.  In fact they may have already shut down by the time you read this.  One major goal is passing enough stuff so that both sides can make claims of compromise and avoid government shutdowns.  I can't help but wonder what would be bad about a shutdown.  It seems their only accomplishments are what the lobbyists, thus the main source of remuneration, wants and not necessarily what we people want.

2016, the last year of the President's term, could be interesting, I guess.  Some of the extremist attempts to bother us are, at the very least, interesting reading and thought-provoking.  I won't honor them, however, by repeating them here.

Finally, I'm not happy with the weather outlook the weather team I follow most is predicting.  If their forecasts hold, and they probably will, it'll be too warm this year for a White Christmas.  I'll miss that.  My idea of a perfect snow is the storm that puts a half inch to an inch of white on the ground late Christmas Eve (so Santa can have an easy trip) and gone by Dec. 26th.  My wanting snow for a full winter has long passed.  Of course, if you live in the northern part of our state, this paragraph is just a waste as it's mostly full of non-truths.

I'm finished, I hope you're well on your way to finishing your Christmas shopping, too.