Friday, November 20, 2015

Think about donating to fight cancer

I sympathize greatly with folk who develop cancer.  I’m among the many who believe one good thing our government could do for a change is provide more funding cancer cure research.  We give as much as we can each year and with every check goes our wish that amount could be greater.
Unfortunately, not all of our, or your, contribution goes directly to research, including the pay checks for the good scientists who continue to work for a cure.  There are many people, like boards of directors, administrators, etc., who get way too much of a cut.  I don’t criticize anyone earning as much money as one can, but I do object greatly to my money, intended for research, going to the administrators. 

At one time I knew the ratio of persons with cancer to those who don’t have it, but that number escapes me right now.  My family has had its share.

Back in the nineties, my brother stopped by my house and asked me to come outside with him.  We stood by his car for a long time just remembering the good times.  He was only In his early sixties at the time.  After about a half hour, he leaned into me for a big hug.  That whisper that said, “Good bye, Dave.  I love you.” was the last thing he ever said to me.  A couple days later, his wife called to say he was gone.
He had been going for chemotherapy treatment for some time, but had decided enough was enough.  The doctor had told him the chemo could keep him going for another month or two, but stopping would take his life much sooner.  He made his choice.
Six years ago, my wife got the word that a lump In her breast was malignant.  She was one of the lucky ones and had discovered it early.  A mammogram confirmed what she suspected and a super doctor took her right away.  Surgery was almost immediately performed.  Fortunately for her, only the removal of the lump was necessary.  Chemo was not necessary but she did have some medication to take along with frequent doctor visits.  This past week was a milestone for her.  She finished the medication six months ago, and as of last week her mammograms and doctor visits became annual.  She has been told, however, that once cancer rears its ugly head, it can return.

And it was just about a year ago that cancer took our great Golden Retriever from us.

We give as much money as we can each year to help the fight.  What we give isn’t nearly enough, and that’s why I wish more of it went to the folks in the labs taking on the battle head on.
I would hope that in this time of the giving season, you can include something for cancer research in your list of gifts.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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