Thursday, November 26, 2015

It was a great day!

Thanksgiving is now behind our family, and I suspect most of yours, too.  It was a wonderful day in our lives with family members getting together for a superior family feast.  I was pleased that the two cooks in our home were taking good care of the old man.  You see, I'm on a extremely low salt diet imposed by medical conditions and my doctors.  So, my wife and daughter found new ways to season our great meal and it ended up with no added salt in any dish.  Of course, there's no way to stop the salt that is already in foods.

Wednesday night, I had the chance to use the services of our local Rescue Unit once again.  I tripped in our home and went sprawling on the floor.  Since I couldn't get up, my wife called Rescue which came within ten minutes.  The two EMT's, one of which was a paramedic, got me off the floor and gave me a good checkup.  I did have a pretty good lump on the front of my head but we concluded I didn't have to take the ride to the hospital.  The lump is still there.

Now, Black Friday, the traditional day of massive Christmas shopping and the day merchants claim changes their intake from the red ink to the black, began the Christmas Season.  I did not venture out into the mobs fighting for some of those unbelievable bargains.  I think this is a year when I'll be doing a goodly portion of my shopping on line. 

I mentioned a little while ago that our family constructs a Department 56 Victorian Collection village as our seasonal decoration.  We begin on Veterans' Day each year, which is also our wedding anniversary (54th this year) and try to complete and light it on Thanksgiving.  We accomplished our goal this year.  That picture up top here is just a very small part of that display.  Here's another:
I'll have more from time to time.  The full Village is also on my personal web page.
Now it's time to begin thinking about the important items of the day and times and I will offer my thoughts on them in the days to come.

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Be well my friend!