Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Winter returns, albeit for just a short while

In case you haven't noticed it, I seem to be in a dead zone for ideas.  Nothing really interesting has entered my head for quite a while.  Some folk might say, "Nothing has entered that blank spot for years!" 

We awoke this morning to a surprise.  That winter we thought was finally out of here decided to give us a reminder once again that this is still Maine so it sent us a visual reminder.  Snow, yes, snow, covered the ground.  Now in my little chunk of the world, it wasn't deep but it had turned everything white.  I suspect it'll all be gone perhaps as early as mid day today.

But it did affect the whole state.  The speed limit early this morning for the whole length of the Turnpike was reduced to 45 mph.  Of course, once the sun comes out, and that could be momentarily, it'll be returned to normal. 

Flooding is the major problem today and some streams and rivers have already reached or slightly exceeded their flood stages. 

My Fearless Friend arrived back in Maine after his winter stay in Florida last weekend.  I guess today was nature's design to give him a small reminder of what he had left behind.  Welcome home, FF and Mrs. FF.

How about those Red Sox?  They're not getting off to quite the start they had a year ago when they ended up winning the World Series.  What seems typical of Boston teams, no matter which one, they don't seem to want success or know how to handle it. 

We watched all winter as the Sox let last year's major winners walk away or get traded away.  Of course most of them who were injury prone remained.  And many are already on disabled lists for this season.  It looks like we're now learning just who was responsible for last year's success.  As they play for other teams now, the Sox are struggling.  I'm not sure "struggling" is a strong enough word.

Boston's primary need was not fulfilled during the winter break.  The pitching staff just plain is terrible.  Some of the promising rookie future super stars should still be in the minors.  And with a few exceptions, more and more players are deepening that path to the doctor's office. 

It's too early to give up on the Sox, but that little gets littler every day.

We've seen what happened to the Celtics with all the changes this year.  And that story on the Patriot's coming year has a lot of development needed for success.  The Bruins seem to be doing pretty well, though.

And in the college ranks, after reading more and more about my Gators after the winter break, I have little hope for a successful football season. 

2014 might not be the best year for the sports teams I follow.

Finally, how stupid was it for some jerk in Boston to leave a backpack behind near the finish line of the Boston Marathon honor celebration for last year's survivors?  A second backpack was left behind by a news guy, another dumb boo-boo.  At least that first one appears to be just a hoax.  I'm afraid I'm not impressed with his attempt.

Have yourself a great day.