Tuesday, April 8, 2014

UConn Men are #1; Can UConn Women follow tonight?

60-54.  The University of Connecticut has won the men's national NCAA basketball championship and completed part I of the UConn dream, both the men's and women's team winning a BB title in the same year. 

I did watch only the first half of the game and when I headed off to the dream land, I honestly didn't have an opinion on who would win even through the Huskies were leading Kentucky University.  Early on, in appeared UConn was going to run away and hide, but then the Wildcats began to close the gap.  And I must admit I think I was pulling for the SEC team to win.  Yet it is impossible to be saddened by the Huskie victory, especially after reading (I'd bet most of you heard it first hand) what the Connecticut players had to say about their coming together after the two years academic team suspension.

So, congratulations #1 to the UConn Huskies for the men's title. 

Now, like last night, I won't see the whole game tonight, either, but now I'm pulling for the defending national champion Huskie women to repeat tonight when the take on Notre Dame.  Both teams enter the game undefeated for the season and post season play, a first for the women's national title game.  I want Connecticut to repeat, but those Fighting Irish women sure do look like they're battle ready.  It should be one heckuva game.

There is one real disadvantage in being an Old Fart living in the East at times like these.  At my 75 plus years of age, I find it more and more difficult to stay up for late games, even when my Gators may be playing.  I appreciate that fans on both coasts have an equal right to be able to see championship games and one end of the country or the other must make sacrifices.  But, gee whiz, it must be easier for the West Coast fans to see a game start at 5 or 5:30 so we here on the East Coast can see it closer to 8 or 8:30.  Please, I fully understand this is just an old man complaining and would probably feel a lot differently if I live out West.

Enjoy tonight's game.