Wednesday, April 9, 2014

UConn completes the championship basketball sweep!

Congratulations to the University of Connecticut Huskies.  Both the men's and women's basketball teams have won the 2014 National Championships in the NCAA basketball tournament. 

The women swamped the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame last night to complete a perfect 40 win with no losses season.  We call that undefeated.  The Irish didn't quite make it to the end as they finished with just one loss, last night to UConn. 

I watched the first half of the game and it was very obvious to me as I headed off to bed that UConn had their second consecutive national championship well under control.

One thing special about the win was it came on the heels of their men's counterparts winning their national championship Monday night.  It was must the second time two teams playing the same sport have won the basketball national championship in the same season.  Ironically, it was the UConn teams about ten years ago that first accomplished the feat.

So, finally in the sport this season, once again, congratulations to both Huskie teams for their remarkable accomplishment.

Right about now, my Fearless Friend and his wife  are in his, as he calls it, "Hoss" heading home to Maine from their winter home in Florida.  His care is bright red Ford Mustang.  The will spend some time with members of his family along the way home and should be back in Maine over the weekend.  They will be welcome home.

Enjoy your Wednesday and we'll have thoughts on other topics in the coming days.


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