Friday, March 9, 2012

Is winter over?

The answer depends on what one calls "winter," I guess.  What we normally call "The Winter Months" has ended.  They are December, January and February.  On the calendar winter will end in a couple of weeks.  There are some wondering simply, "When will winter begin?"

As for snow, our biggest storms were last fall, including a Halloween storm and one near Thanksgiving.  We were beginning to think back then that holidays had been tagged for the stormy weather, but then Christmas came and went with only a few flakes.  That ended that speculation.  Let me digress:  these comments refer only to my little spot of Maine in the southern portion of the state.  The rest of the state had its ample snowfall to make for a good, Maine winter.

The run of snowless, or very little snow ended last week when we were hit with 13 plus inches in one storm.  It's mostly gone now.  Once again we're in warming weather.  The temperature got into the 50s here Wednesday, then Thursday was a record-setter for a goodly portion on Maine.  In fact, several areas, including our Greater Portland, had set a high temperature for the date record by noon Thursday.

We'll have a return to normalcy for Saturday, we're told, but then the warmth begins to return by Sunday.  Maine's unusual season continues at least for several more days.

Then, to add to the confusion, what seems like an early date to me, Daylight Savings Time begins this weekend.  So here's a friendly reminder:  Don't forget to set your alarm clocks for two A.M. Sunday morning so you can get up and move your clocks ahead one hour.  Yep!  This is the weekend we lose that hour we gained last fall.  Of course most of us will probably change the clocks before we head for bed Saturday night.

The one critter really affected by the time change is Gator Golden.  She's just now getting used to her schedule from last fall's change.  We have her on a very rigid feeding schedule, for example, and somehow she knows exactly when her meal should be set for her.  Now she's in for another five months or so trying to get it all figured out again. 

Of course GG's schedule also affects Gator Wife.  GG has taken it as her responsibility to be sure her "mommy" is up on time in the morning.  The hour change will have the dog totally confused.  I have absolutely no clue how animals know the time, but they sure do know when the events that affect them are due.

So the question remains:  Is winter over?  

Thursday was a day that no one, especially me, expected me to see.  I'm among the few in my immediate family to have achieved this goal, and the medical events of the last 15 years or so put this March 8th in my life in serious doubt.  It successfully, however, allowed me to reach a major milestone.  I celebrated by 75th birthday.

I hope you enjoy your weekend.

David (Gator)


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