Monday, March 5, 2012

The non-debate

Another week is underway, the first full week of March.  I just looked over my calendar for the month and it's virtually empty.  I do have my end of the month luncheon posted; that's the one on the last Wednesday of the month I have with several fellow retirees.  Of course Tuesdays and Thursdays begin with an hour at the senior fitness place for exercise.  But, so far, that's it. 

That huge storm we had just last Friday left a little over 13 inches of snow in my yard.  Already, just a couple of days later, that storm is almost a secret.  By Sunday  they had shrunk to about 3 inches, perhaps four here and there and, naturally, the piles left by the plow are still very evident, but I'd guess that by week's end only the memory of the storm will be here.  Some weather forecast's long range prediction hint our temperatures could reach 50 or into the 50s before week's end.  If there's still any snow left, those temps will quickly eliminate it.

Tuesday is another of those caucus/primary days.  Known as Super Tuesday because the most states have their say in the race for the presidential nomination process.  In most election years the nomination is all but wrapped up on Super Tuesday, but probably not this year.  Mitt Romney is predicted to increase his delegate lead, but won't get enough to give him the nomination in the summer's national Republican convention. 

I enjoyed watching my perception of Newt Gingrich ripping David Gregory to shreds on NBC's Meet the Press Sunday.  I'm sure only a few would agree with me.  Gregory opened by asking Gingrich about Rush Limbaugh's slamming then apologizing about some comments concerning contraceptive mandates by President Obama.  Gingrich turned the question into a slamming of what he said were wrongful activity by the President and the failure of the main stream news media to address them.  He asked Gregory about that and why the MSM doesn't go after the President.

Naturally, that wasn't Gregory's agenda so he avoided the questions and tried again to draw Gingrich into a discussion about contraceptives.  Gingrich wouldn't bite and said the problem had nothing to do with contraceptives as absolutely no one was denied them and they were readily available but rather with what he called the President's assault on religion.

Later, Gregory tried to bait House Republican Leader Cantor with the same question.  He got the same answers from Cantor.

Of course the Democrats Gregory had on later in the show were on the moderator's side, but generally it wasn't a good day, not that any are, for Meet The Press.  I sure do miss Tim Russert.

Limbaugh has apologized for his remarks about a young lady who had testified in favor of mandated contraceptive inclusion in insurance plans, but apologies never take away the truly horrible remarks he made.  It may be awhile before Limbaugh lives that attempt at what he calls humor down.


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